D-fragments, waterboarding is torture


Just watched D-FRAGMENTS, and full of torture.The game making club at hig h school. These club members are crazy. They try to recruit new freshmen, but if freshmen find out this is a dangerous club, they employ torture to erase memory. Yes, to erase inconvenient truth.

Each girls has attribute. Mizu-zokusei (water), tsuchi-zokusei (earth), kaminari zokusei (thunder), moe-zokusei (moe, fire). Water-zokusei girl does waterboarding to erase memory. Tsuchi-zokusei girl punches with sand covered fist. And kaminari-zokusei girl uses Taser to erase memory. Yes, torture to erase memory of the subject. Yes, waterboarding, infamous interrogation technique made so famous during Bush years, and Cheney and Ashcroft claimed waterboarding was not torture. But this anime proves that waterboarding is torture, it caused memory loss indeed. But I don’t think the club has oto-zokusei (sound or music), but if there’s one, she would have used this Eagle song to torture. But for do-M (super-masochist), this would be a paradise anime. Especially for a leg-fetish protagonist, “Step on me!”

Taser attack, thunder zokusei.

Yes, horrifying club. Christopher Hitchens experienced waterboarding and reported that adverse effect it had on him. It can be traumatized so bad that memory was completely gone, or shut down of that memory of horrifying experience. It’s like a sudden short term memory loss or amnesia in the extremely stressful event, it has been reported that some bride and groom get amnesia on the day of the wedding. Hippocampus got so over-stressed that causes memory loss. Allegedly the Aum cult used torture and drug to erase memory of followers. Aum was a religious karmic organization did terrorist attack at Tokyo Subway in 1995, depicted in Mawaru Penguindrum. So, it’s the same technique that the game making club is applying to.

But I like moe-zokusei of course. Put away with other horrifying torturous zokukei. Yes, only zokusei that is not torturous. Moe-zokusei, yea, very cute indeed. Played by Hanazawa Kana. Moetistically speaking, this uwamezukai (upward glancing), yes, oohhhh, I love it! Uwamezukai is a seduction technique employed by cute girls like moekko. Yes, maids do that at maid cafe too! “Goshujin-sama (my master)!” Appeal to kawaii and ugooo, moe~!

Moe, moe, kyun! To do away with kapitalism! Kyawaii!! Moe-zokusei rules!


Author: Monsieur LaMoe

A refugee from Japan. Live in NAFTA. Get hooked on Moe. Moe is opium? Twitter: @MonsieurLamoe