Nagi No Asukara 2nd cours, Kanchou!

Akira the Kanchou Master

Yes, the 2nd cours of Nagi No Asukara has started, and darn, Chisaki (aka Chii-chan) got so erotic. As five years passed, she really come to have erotic body, very voluptuous horny body. Cuerpo erotico! Corpus Chisaki. Yes, very fruitful derriere, excellent fertility that can bear child safely, or Anzan-gata (安産型). Yes, safe delivery. And now Akane (Hikari’s onee-chan) got a kid, and this boy Akira (Hikari’s nephew) is a perverted gentleman already even though he is still in pre-school, yes, awaken Hentai-shinshi! He does ambush kanchou attack to Chisaki. Kanchou (浣腸) is “enema” in Japanese. He reiterates, “Kanchou! Pantsu!” like a Buddhist mantra. Yes, Kanchou svaha (kanchou sowaka)! Pantsu-sam gyate kanchou sowaka! Kanchou sutra’s dharani or mantra. Kanchou school, or kanchou-shuu (浣腸宗). New Buddhist school just born! And of course, Mahayana! Enemayana!



Man, I so envy Akira. Ahh, how I wish I was a kid, but a kid at heart doesn’t work in the current legal system. I have a dream that I will one day live in a nation where I will not be judged by the age of my skin, but by the age of my mentality, so kanchou will be exempt!

Akira’s uncle emulates kanchou.

Even Hikari plays kanchou with Akria. Yes, Akira the kanchou master. Kanchou meister! I think they grew up watching Shimura Ken comedy.

Kanchou is a typical gag in Japanese comedy. Shimura Ken, aka “Ken-chan,” the youngest member of a legendary Japanese early rock’n roll band The Drifters, which played the introductory stage to the Beatles Tokyo Budoukan concert in 1966, does Kanchou comedy. Yes, look at this comedy skit about TSA satire. Yes, by this skit, Ken-chan is making a point that TSA practice is nothing but harassment. Yes, especially that Kanchou scene!

Ken-chan was very influential and a cultural symbol when I was a kid. I used to eat Ken-chan ramen after school. Yes, Ken-chan noodle, and this ramen was also referred in AnoHana. Yes, Okada Mari, aka Marii, shares the same zeitgeist, so this type of Kanchou comedy is prevalent in her writings. Naming a character “Anal.” Or “Anaru” in Japanglish. That kind of naming sense is surely that Marii grew up with Shimura Ken comedy. Yes, enema, anal, etc, obsession with anus, I suspect that Marii herself is still in Analen Phase or Anal Stage in Freudian sense. Yes, pre-sexual stage.

Yes, AnoHana and Nagi No Asukara, it’s about time lag, people stopped growing at some stage, yes, clinging to past memory. OneTea and AnoNatsu, the same theme. OneTea coined term with “stagnation.” Yes, a sense of longing for lost youth, lost school, once it’s lost, then it becomes fantasy with melancholic nostalgia, and relive in 2D to re-experience. That is Saudade, sehnsucht. And this theme is Marii’s No. 18!

And yes, in order to regain youth, especially pre-sexual anal stage, to regain innocence free from adult world (capitalism = samsara = 3D), I should be Shariputra (the first disciple) of enemayana!


Author: Monsieur LaMoe

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