Ultraviolet Code 44 06 – Desert Planet.

Summary – 44 and Dr. Garcia escapes to desert planet Ginus 12 – a place that’s constantly being hit with meteors, is full of nearly unbreathable air, and a mining planet for a new source of energy. Criminals and other people with something to hide go there to earn money from hard mining.

Luka Bloom is sentenced by the Phage Liberation League to be shot to death, but the Phage King gives him one more chance to go after 44, in effect liberating him from the group.

Bounty hunters come to find 44, the boss of the mining company shrinks away as Sakuza (?) the supervisor of tunnel 6, takes care of business…

Thoughts – The setting seems curiously familiar, also, I thought there was something like this planet in Blade Runner, where Replicants escaped to, but in any case, side stories occur as we’re introduced to a new character, Sakuza, who acts like a hardened soldier. He gets a soft side for 44, and he puts down a fight between her and the rest of the workers.

The only big conflict of this episode is that Luka has no idea that 44 saved him and helped him out, but now he knows and he’s somewhat hesitant in the beginning when King asks him to kill 44, but he promises to do it.

44 doesn’t know that. Of course, I that it was interesting that fillers have to be added in and 44 goes away without thinking about Luka at all, or show no regret of leaving and presumably, leaving and losing her first love. I thought she’d stuck around somehow, but it seems like she’s moved on. Again, there was no hint of her regretting leaving Neo Tokyo.

Is anyone else following this? I didn’t find any English subs and I assume this was licensed from the very beginning in the US. I personally find it a decent action series but in this episode, some still frames used for stylistic purposes were there and I wasn’t sure if that was because of budget concerns.

As usual, the bright spot here is the performance of the seiyuu. Other than that, a decent episode in a decent anime made for entertainment and nothing else.

Author: Ray

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