Subaru’s yakimochi, mikaeri-bijin, Mayo Chiki episode 5

北斗有情猛翔破. Hokuto-ujō-mōshōha! The fatal blow that Kenshiro used against Souther.

Fuhahahahahahahaha!!! Yeah, episode 5 of Mayo-Chiki is so heavenly. I didn’t know Subaru could use hokuto-shinken (北斗神拳). Where did she learn it? I thought hokuto-shinken was isshi-souden (一子相伝 “a secret art handed down to only one inheritor”). And the technique is from ujōken (有情拳 “compassion martial art”), it’s Kenshiro’s brother Toki‘s style. And Subaru has a little crush on Chicken-yarou. That’s why she chose ujōken. Ujō originally meant “sentient being” in Japanese. So, ujōken is very similar to Aikido, a martial art based on love. So, she loves him! But why did she end up giving ujōken to Chicken-yarou? Because he ditched Subaru over another girl, who is a new character, Usami! Triangle relationship, Subaru’s yakimochi (jealousy) is running this show now! Nothing gives me ecstatic laughter like this!

Usami is quite a character, she is very tsun-tsun (obnoxiously stuck up), very violent. And she is madly in love with Subaru, and she’s even a member of Subaru’s fan club, S4 (Shooting Star Subaru Sama), but once she runs into Subaru-sama, she suddenly becomes extremely timid and hides behind Chicken-yarou. How funny! And Usami’s yell out during the commercial break is so funny! She’s babbling out nonsense on a scooter.

Anyway, by each episode, Subaru is getting cuter and cuter! A butler girl is not bad, not bad at all. As a matter of fact, I’m starting to develop a funny moemotion called “moe” toward her.

Normally, she acts like a boy because she’s a butler, but only being alone with Chicken-yarou, she acts like a girl. God damn it! She’s even asking him out for Bunkasai (school fest)! And her face turns red! As asking out, she can’t directly face him, so she turns the other way, and blushes. And she glances back like a shy-geisha! Yes, looking back over her shoulder! Mikaeri-bijin (Turning back beauty)!

Hehe, mikaeri-bijin, or I would rather call it mikaeri-otome (Turning back maiden)! Mikaeri-bijin is a traditional Japanese girl’s gesture, a sign that she’s into you!

Even a strong assertive confident tomboy martial artist/bodyguard/butler gets shy once a romantic feeling is involved. Hahahahihuhehoooo!!!! (Frantic laughter by Baikinman from Anpanman). What else you could call that other than “divine”! Giga-kawaii! Super-cute! I’ve never seen a girl this cute in 3-D! Yes, only 2-D can give us this kind of ecstasy! OMG, if girls did mikaeri-otome to me in Japan, who would’ve become a legal alien in NAFTA…?

What’s more, because of miscommunications, misunderstandings, Subaru tries to kiss Chicken-yarou! God damn it! Screw that Chikin-yarou! How I wish I had this! Ahh, heavenly divine! My whole pores open up. Kiss, proof of divinity! Divinic ecstasy! Without kiss, this world is meaningless. Without dating, kiss, petting, i.e., without skinship, life is nonsense.

Found out by Ojo-sama. Scandalous! Escandalo! We’re so bored with our lives, so we need scandals. No wonder Telenovela is so popular among Latin-American obasan.

And this Ojo-sama is still awefully S. So, basically Chicken-yarou gets bullied or beaten up by girls. That’s what Mayo-Chiki is all about. Yet, in a very comical way. Makes my day go by. Yes, in this stressful society called 3-D, you need an escape. And Mayo-Chiki is perfect for that. At least, during this summer, Mayo-Chiki is the most fun show I find. Yes, Subaru~! <3

Ah, the advent of subarism, and subarists, people who follow Subaru-sama. Should I also join S4? Girls only…too bad! I have to crossplay then, a lost maid, to play the opposite of Subaru, the lost butler!

Author: Monsieur LaMoe

A refugee from Japan. Live in NAFTA. Get hooked on Moe. Moe is opium? Twitter: @MonsieurLamoe