PoyoPoyo: A Feline Lover Killer

This series is called PoyoPoyo, but I can’t help but keep on calling it Maru PoyoPoyo. “Maru” is Japanese for “round”…and that is what Poyo the cat is like. On first glance, he looks like a pillow or a delightful challenging toy to get in a UFO Catcher.

Why do I call this series a “feline lover killer”? Because if I were an anime character…I would either be a puddle of goo on the floor, or my eyes are going to be framed with hearts….I love cats! In every episode I watched of this series so far, I have melted..

Crunchyroll has been streaming this series during the Winter season, and every episode is about three minutes. It’s quite similar to Chi’s Sweet Home in talking about the daily life of a cat, though different in how it is about an adult cat that becomes adopted by a family but then going on his maru way.

Poyo’s best friend is Kuro from next door. They are both male cats, but that doesn’t stop Poyo from protecting Kuro. Since Kuro has grown, and is not neutered, there proves to be some interesting guy on guy scenarios.

So far my favorite episodes at this point have been episodes 3, 6, 9. All in one shape or form mention either Kuro or an episode where Poyo was the surrogate mother to a litter of kittens. At this point there are only 10 episodes out on CR, and as a viewer.. I anxiously await for more!

Author: Linda

Linda is a life long fan of anime, and dabbles in a lot of things. She writes with a tentative neutral voice.. and as for that three year anime blogging mark, she tries to defy that as she is gaining a voice in other mediums ie: Twitter. Find her at other places online. "They say a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, but it's not one half so bad as a lot of ignorance." -Terry Pratchett

2 thoughts on “PoyoPoyo: A Feline Lover Killer

  1. Just watched all 10 episodes at once. Ah, small and round, cute. Maru is beautiful! And a seiyuu doing grand-ma and father is a legend, Kamiya Akira! A light hearted morning show. Funny that one kitten likes to be in the belly warmer! Nobody wears a belly warmer (hara-maki) nowadays, the last time I saw was Tora-san. Very Showa attire. This show reminds me of Momo-neko-sama from Tamayura-hitotose. Poyo can never do yoga!

    1. Yep… I melt when I see Maru Poyo.. Isn’t this an easy series to get into? Oh my… Kamiya Akira.. o_O I had no idea he can do female voices. >_< Daaaaaammmmmmmnnnn... Awww I though the part about the belly warmer was cute. No one wears belly warmers? I saw it gifted by mistake in Kimi ni Todoke. Ahh I can see the similarity.. both cats are quite maru.. ^_^ Thanks for your comments.

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