Wondercon 2012: Where’s the Pocky?

Please :3

Wondercon; for everyone who is a fan of everything. If you enjoy anime, the only thing you really get to experience while at the con is watching anime. The theater rooms are non-stop (during con hours), showcasing the first episode of some great series. That’s wonderful! Except I’m able to watch anime on my own, away from a convention, any time.

Thanks to Wondercon, I've found a new cooking based anime to obsess over: Muteki Kanban Musume 😀

(Vampire Knight, Galaxy Angels, Dirty Pair, Aira, The World God Only Knows, just to name a few from Wondercon’s vast anime scehdule).

I don’t come to cons to watch anime with a group of people. I’m glad for the viewing rooms as I enjoy the quick jaunts to breathe for a moment away from the hundreds of Black Cat cosplayers crowding the convention halls, undoubtedly thrilled that Marv Wolfman is an honored guest over the weekend. (I’m excited too! Albeit not being directly a Japanese cultural phenom; there is no denying the influence Wolfman’s body of work is on a global scale.)

There’s some trouble finding the otaku fandom at Wondercon. There are some who enjoy anime, a few who may be obsessed though if there are they must hiding in the viewing rooms. I do beg of you; please quickly exit and come play with me! I’ll be the lost looking weeaboo trying to find anyone in cosplay or industry representative I recognize from my personal favorite fandom: Anime.

This Would Make My Con

I did have a lovely chat with a developer, Jason, from Martin Hash’s Animation Master concerning how Hash’s software is or could be used by those within the anime and manga field to streamline the production of image heavy animations. If nothing else, the program looks fun and yes, a lot can be done with it for those on the production front, but Jason’s quip about the difference between Anime Expo and Wondercon was far more interesting to me: “people at Wondercon seem to shower a lot more.”

Until I find some anime cosplay gals for the readers of Anime Diet to ogle or someone to interview that I’m able to relate to J-culture (don’t turn your nose up yet, there are a few scheduled events that look promising!) please enjoy these viking/barbarians/creatures who attacked me so kindly in the halls of the con:

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