Code Geass R2, Episode 1

Prepare to be confused!

(Editor’s Note: I know there are no screenshots from the episode here. I will pressure Matt very, very heavily under double penalty to get him to grab screenshots for the next episode review. 🙂 –Mike)


In a strange way, everything is different, but everything is also the same. The episode starts by reminding you of the first episode: Lelouch is skipping school to play his games and to alleviate some of his boredom. There is even a motorcycle scene reminiscent of first episode’s. However, we quickly learn that Lelouch has a brother, Rollo, who he thinks is his only brother. He cares for Rollo about as much as he cared for his sister.

We are told that Zero’s rebellion has ended in failure, with Zero killed and most of the rebel leadership captured and arrested. The viewer is left to wonder what is happening, with speculations of an alternate universe or a similar situation. Lelouch even runs into Kallen and fails to recognize her. However, everything is made clear towards the end of this episode. Last season’s cliffhanger is never directly addressed.


The story, animation quality, and writing was at the same high level of quality as last season. That is to say, the story involves delightful twists that are some may think are predictable, but I find entertaining anyways. The title song is not as catchy as either of last season’s songs, however, but not everything can be perfect. Also, if you hated the super slim character designs of last season, then you are out of luck. Still, the opening sequence shows a tantalizing view of the future battles that are in the making.

The action comes late in the show, but does not disappoint. We get a great acrobatic performance from Kallen. The Knightmare frames are not as important for this episode, but there are plenty of guns and blood. For instance: [spoiler] Remember what Lelouch does with his powers the first time? Expect that see it happen again. [/spoiler] Also, apparently everyone knows Lelouch’s secret identity but not his power. That is a little weird, but it is nothing that hurts the show.

This is going to be an exciting show I am avidly looking forward to watching.

Author: matt