Occupy Imouto! Nakaimo 8

God is a concept by which we measure our pain. – John Lennon

Ah, Nakaimo episode 8‘s skit is awesome. Shogo does a fuuki-iin (風紀委員 morality officer) at the gate of the school, checking skirt’s length. But Miyabi is intentionally breaking the dress code, making her skirt really short.

And she tells Shogo, “Go measure my skirt then.”

And moreover, she tells him by lifting up her own skirt, “Do you want to look up my skirt?” OMG! How can she be that slutty!

Skirt-mekuri (スカートめくり lift up skirt). Saten Ruiko from To Aru Kagaku No Railgun is an expert of that. The German slogan, “Wir Harl Chant Panz Heidelkart?” In Japanese, “Uiharu, chanto pantsu haiteru ka?” 初春、ちゃんとパンツはいてるか?

Yes, skirt-mekuri was prevalent in elementary schools like Kyou No Gononi.

Panchira hunter!

And Miyabi is wearing shorts under the skirt because bloomers were abolished by radical feminists in Japan. But isn’t wearing shorts under the skirt against the dress code? It’s supposed to be panties. Yes, even Kuroko scolds Misaka Mikoto for wearing shorts.

But yes, as a morality officer, God’s viceroy, a puritan soldier, you have to regulate by measuring her sin, but at the same time, deep down in your psyche, you want to see her legs more exposed. Zettai-ryouiki! Peropero! It’s a dilemma between morality and lust. That dilemma makes us suffer, causing intense pain. And in the end, that pain would grow unbearable, and we would implode neurotically. Catch-22. 

It’s the same psychology as that gardener from Monster who works for Eva Heinemann, a hot rich blond woman who lives in a luxurious palatial mansion by herself, bringing different men into her mansion every night, and the gardener looks at her with utter contempt. I was also like “What a lousy slut.But she says to the gardener, “You’re wishing you were as lucky as these men I’ve been sleeping with, aren’t you?” That word got me startled. I was like, “How did she know!” That line totally exposed me as a hypocrite. It was hard to swallow an awful truth that I was no different from immoral bastards like Newt Gingrich. So, from now on, I will stop lying to myself. Yes, I want sluts! Sluts are goddesses of free sex! Yes, I’ll be deadly honest like Aoki from Kokoro Connect telling Yui, “Let’s go to a love hotel!” with all his fantasies about Yui.

Yes, Miyabi knows that psychology, and this mean girl loves to bully him. But why is he getting this erotic prank from Miyabi exclusively? Because this dude is rich!

Ah, Shogo also goes out with the vice president of the student council. At a haunted house, Shogo accidentally grabs her opppai, so typical!

And the last scene, she undresses and forces herself on Shogo at school! Why? Because he is the son of the zaibatsu! Ahh, rich boys. These 1%.

Why am I not getting any slutty action? Because I’m among 99%. All of these suspected to be imouto girls chase after him because he is filthy rich. If he was precariat like me, these girls would completely ignore him. How unfair. If income is equal, women would never choose their mates based on income. We’re against monopoly, against harem. Ah, I want imouto. We want imouto. Let’s go occupy Shogo’s mansion and occupy his girls.

Occupy Imouto!

Author: Monsieur LaMoe

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