Mononoke 8-9: Hannibal Lecter, the Medicine Seller

The Medicine Seller finds himself in a countryside estate, along with three other suitors whom are vying for the hand of a woman renowned as a master incense creator. Things soon go awry of course as ghostly figures are seen, a hidden treasure is revealed, and a murder comes to light.


I can honestly say this was the creepiest Mononoke story yet. From the stark black and white setting, to the manner of the deaths, and more. Until the last fourth of episode nine, it also portrayed the Medicine Seller as something of a psychopath, devising clever schemes to uncover murderers and then kill them in turn, all with his usual calm, quiet demeanor.


On a side note, the “battle” between the Medicine Seller and the Mononoke was quite more “battle-like” than usual, and I felt the transformation sequence hinted at more depth to his “battle form”. While I’m thoroughly enjoying the exploration of this series’ bizarre setting and the quiet plays that take place, I wouldn’t mind seeing them delve further into the Medicine Seller’s powers and where they came from.


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