Kurozuka 8 – a breather, Ninja Scroll in the future and please don’t talk about shit.

I totally forgot that last episode the crew was facing the Old Turtle Dude and the overtly wacky long hair woman.

I’m obviously missing a lot of references here, as Kuro is sucked into the illusion, and the Turtle dude makes him take out some human waste in the delusion (yeeeewww).

Also, Kuro works with the strange hair woman in reenacting the scene of confrontation between her and Saniwa; or he’s like the cue for her to start; sort of like the guys hitting the small drums in a Noh play.

It’s a bit odd that him and the enemy almost coordinates in the reenactment; again, there’s a Japanese cultural reference that I missed somewhere.

As the plot takes a sharp turn (this being 13 episode and all), Kuromitsu shows up, and dispose of the enemy in her remaining stage. But the mysterious to Kuro’s memory and why Kuromitsu cut his head off at that time still isn’t solve, nor anything from his memory for that matter.

The answer is in the Genom/Tyrell Tower, the Gate of Mordor, the core of the Death Star…

One way in, one way out. But if Kuromitsu is waiting in there, then…

Could she be the one orchestrates it all? What about the Onmiyoji?

What parts of Kuro’s (I guess being Minamoto Raiko doesn’t matter now) memory is real? Which part is false? What’s the ultimate significance?

We get a breather from the epic battle in this episode, and Ninja Scroll like supernatural enemies fills this episode up and together with the Noh play sequence, makes it all that more exotic.

I await the release of subtitled (English or Chinese) DVD with eagerness and impatience. I just hope the show doesn’t let me down.

Oh and, don’t just read this! Watch the episode and immerse in this piece of art yourself.

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