Moetan actually is Trek-intelligent? Uso! That means IT’S A LIE!

time-warp.jpgthe-past.jpgRuining future rival’s interst in English

Um, so QUANTUM MECHANICAL PARADOX works in Moetan, too! Interesting (Data’s tone)! Fascinating (Spock’s Tone)! Just with a little help of magic, Pastel Ink actually goes back to the past anbd shapes her crush into a gamer (rather than being a healthy young man who goes outside playing sports and dating different but well endowed or at least better developed women) and her rival into an English idiot (so that in the society, she wouldn’t be a possible rival/competitor for Ink-chan’s possible future job!). Amazing!


…What, you didn’t think I was going to really review this crappy show, were you? If I were to give a daily recommendation I’ll give a supremely ultra generous 50% daily recommendation. Yes, I’m still watching it, but that’s because I’m finding my feet growing membranes between the toes and my mouth (bill) becoming longer and flatter.Oh yeah, and I quack a lot these days, I wonder why?

(Ink-chan’s cute little pinkish colored butt cheeks! BANZAI! BANZAI! BANZAI!) (My drooling just flooded Taiwan) AHHHH HUMMMM!

WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?Me…I mean, duck!Loli-con’s dream girl.

What? She’s supposed to be 17, right?

Seriously. 45% recommended for your daily anime diet unless you have speical needs. If that’s the case then have loads of fun (and I mean loads)!

Author: Ray

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