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A reported $1.5 billion was spent on the latest Mega Millions lottery. That’s a magnitude of hope greater than the GDPs of several countries. I must confess that my hopes for a second Chihayafuru season is far, far greater. It’s a sentiment shared by others as well. Guardian Enzo from Random Curiosity “actually delayed watching the finale for a few hours, just because [he] didn’t want to face the prospect of it ending.” and Justin of OrgASG tweets “If nothing else…I await [Chihayafuru’s] return sometime in the future. I hope :D” Unfortunately, hope does not a plan make so I am starting a petition and below are reasons why you should sign it.

I remember watching Furi Kuri and came to the realization that music is a vital component of a show. In fact, music completes the package. The opening theme is love upon first listen. There’s nothing exceptional about the composition but “Youthful” succeeds in “Time of Your Life” fashion with the simple, bare chords that hook the listener into nodding until the auspicious drums kick in at which time the shoegaze, forlorn voice, reminiscent of Lydia‘s, beckons from across the dance floor which crescendos in a chorus that soars like a bird amidst the kaleidoscope of instruments. The mellow manner in which 99RadioService conjures his voice and the steady strumming of strings never get old. And I haven’t even mentioned the tenderness of Asami Seto‘s voice for the ending theme.

To compliment the magnificent soundtrack is a realistic plot everyone can relate to. The story is heartfelt, engaging and stimulating. Love is portrayed at great length with excruciating detail that conjures the finest love songs. Taichi is so maddenly lovesick that it puts Waxahatchee‘s “And I think I love you/But you’ll never find out” to shame. Chihaya’s longing for her parent’s attention over her sister reminds me when Florence laments that “I’m always in this twilight/In the shadow of your heart”.

The periodic insights into karuta strategy are fascinating but I wonder about the segregation of the genders the most. In a physically demanding sport like tennis, it makes sense that biological differences naturally lend to gendered champions. It’s also intriguing that the men’s karuta champion appears stronger than his counterpart.

Moreso than the inspiring story, it is the unforgettable characters that makes Chihayafuru an awesome anime. Minor characters feel anything but and are given enough depth to leave the viewer wanting. Ultimately, Chihaya reigns. Eating pho after the laruku concert, I-hsiu, animemiz and I were talking about Read Or Die. Unlike Yomiko, we first met Chihaya when she still lacked direction. The innocence of her childhood dream blossoms into a fiery passion. To witness this progress is what makes her so endearing. But Chihayafuru goes beyond a typical coming of age story with a female lead. There are slices of life, quirky humor, brooding romance, nerdy charm, spectacular action, intricate developments and everything else that other outstanding animes possess.

Imagine if FMA or Gankutsuou or Gundam featured a female lead. Well, we won’t have to if there’s a second season. Like Chihaya and company, let us make our dream come true!

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  1. I so much can’t wait for the 2nd season! It was such a lovely show. The Queen got fat though, turned into a comic figure. Deforme chara. Kana-chan is also a deforme, despite being short, her assets are full of abundance!

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