Moetan 7 – some plot improvement and more anime reference.


Anime references in shows that try to be funny aren’t new these days. Still, Moetan makes fun of the maho shojo stereotypes. But you know what? I think its selling points are still the delightful moe moe loli girls, and that awful English. Oh, and don’t forget the little detective Conan work and some love lost.

We see school festival, we see the newest idol sensation Alice-chan, and then we see theBunny Girl Alice. Gee, if the show made fun of the fact that maho shojo don’t really look different from before, then tell me why Ink-chan and Sumi-chan just can’t seem to figure out that Alice-chan is Bunny Maho Shojo Alice?

Ark-kun finally manages to do something truly smart – he figures out Alice’s tricks based on how well he knows Ink (damn, Ink knows he’s ecchi, but she keeps him inside her room anyways, huh).


Beyond that, the usual stuff are there. Ink’s transformation (covered, damnit!), Sumi plays the friend who pretends to dislike Ink. The two adventures inside the school grounds and solve some puzzles, all of which really has something to do with how Alice feels about Ark-kun when he was a handsome magician, and she was a beautiful female magician – not a loli type. Or at least that’s what it looks like.

For the “awesome” English “lesson” at the end, just see the episode yourself. However, to save yourself sometime rather than watching this show – if that’s what you want, then go get a copy of the Moetan English book. This show is great for what it is – kind of an parody of other anime, and kind of a English based parody making fun of all stereotypes in the anime related world, but for anyone who’s new to anime this may prove to be rather dull and uninspired.


71% to 86% recommend for your daily anime diet depending on your tastes.

Author: Ray

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