Chihayafuru 2 Episode 21: But Its Legacy Continues to Spread


That was… not possible. I realize it’s anime and the lovely and talented Chihaya but one does not reach comparable dexterity in the non dominant hand within minutes. It makes me feel old to remark that I will probably always type faster on a keyboard than a touch screen. Five or ten years from now, keyboards will be the VHS tapes of this generation. Change takes time. Muscle memory takes time. The single difference of one less dimension is enough to cause measurable detriment in my typing ability. The practiced motions of karuta, like typing, become innate.

While the z axis is fairly significant for most of us unlike MLM, it’s fascinating that its elimination was deemed an advance in typing technology even if touch is arguably our most sensitive sense. I wonder how karuta would play out if instead of actually needing to physically make contact with the card, one can just point to it. This will likely require empires at each match similar to baseball though.


Apparently the sum of student debt has reached $1 trillion according to the LA Times. Rising costs of higher education has lingered in the news more often than before for good reason. It’s ridiculous made more so by the amenities schools are offering to students. HD television in dorms and 2,100-gallon aquarium? I totally picked the wrong school! At this rate, one of them will soon boast a dedicated karuta hall.

Meanwhile, massive open online courses continue to make interesting waves. I definitely like the wikipedia spirit of the concept as well as the convenience factor for those of us with too much anime to watch and too little time. Of course one would need to exercise more self discipline which begs the question. What is the the most effective way of learning? Drop Valrave like I did to free some time and you can read all about it here! ($5 to anyone who reads the entire thing.)

One final thought. Arata’s got some competition. Porky-kun is the Nadal of karuta. That makes him very sexy. For as long as he has been playing, which is roughly his entire life, Arata was always one step above. Instead of being discouraged, he does not give up. It also reflects on the imitable work ethic instilled on him by the Mizusawa team.

I lied. One more thing. I have to admit that I am conflicted. So. Readers, Chihaya or Shinobu?

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1 thought on “Chihayafuru 2 Episode 21: But Its Legacy Continues to Spread

  1. “Cheat” is what is called. Even genius can’t do it. I am looking forward to the 3rd season.

    It’s horrible that students are winded up with loans. Hope this won’t be another subprime loans, causing financial havoc. Yes, free online courses. I got a intro to business free in my iphone.

    Chihaya or Queen? Definitely Kana-chan!

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