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Amusing Valentine found. Credits to Mike Toole.

Happy Single Awareness  Overpriced Commercial Holiday!

Be aware that this week, I was pretty link happy, alongside Paper’s link contribution. I wish him, who is heading off to Katsukon with Shizuka, a great time. ^_^

A recent response to punishment vs. disciple. Is this bullying?

I believe that I may have seen an example of this in New York City, but how about in Japan?

Just a quick  Madoka Flash Movie.

Do you believe that long anime series are worth watching?

A Danny Choo survey on Top 20 Reasons to be born in Japan.

Did I share this long and winding post about Sailor Moon?

Telling Asian apart…. or is that racist?

To give or not give up faxing technology?

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5 thoughts on “Round the Sphere

    1. Well logically i can think about it like telegrams then. That is still used i think.

      As for fax, while it does create more paper waste. It is still used in restaurants here in nyc. Better to take large or exact orders with.

  1. That female judo spartan coaching is really horrible. And that’s the Olympic team. Yes, I also heard the captain of a high school basketball team killed himself because of corporal punishment by his coach. I think Japan’s sports clubs are all like that. And that shaving head AKB48 incident also relates to this tradition. If a team loses, all team members have to shave their heads for repentance. Even politician like ex-prime minister Kan Naoto shaved his head when he had a pension scandal. Tozuka Yacht School, supported by Ishihara Shintaro, sets the modern spartan education style of Japanese schools. That can be seen in 70s anime, Spo-kon (sports konjou), Aim for the Ace, Aim for the Top. Attack No1. Kyojin-no-hoshi, Kajiwara Ikki mentality. It’s so sickening, this part, Gen. MacArthur couldn’t reform.

    I can’t really tell Asians apart either. For girls, Japanese fashion is more kawaii or moe, while American fashion is more gaudy, emphasize sexiness. But as far as cosplayers at cons, I can’t tell Asians apart until they speak the language

    1. I think it is a whole saving face ideal. I read an article recently that one of the Japanese ww2 former prime minister’s granddaughter passed away. There was a video that recounted the fact that this former prime minster uncucessfully try to commit seppuka. This was shown to alert people of this woman’s familial notority.

      I only have seen corporal punishment in terms of budda moments.. Ranma… With a bamboo cane. Or something recently i seen in the news with this guy getting punished over $20 and that went viral on youtube, but it has been taken off.

      Hmm.. Yeah.. Sometimes I can figure out if the Asian are Korean or Japanese… But safest is to see what they say to have a “ahhh” moment. Even when people speak English and are different Asian back grounds there is a difference.

      Fashion huh…. Nowadays I can only see that Chinese picked up the stockings and short shorts thing I saw in Japan a couple of years ago. Cosplayers I see a lot of goth lolita or lolitas at conventions. When I look at Harujuku shots, I am amazed by how ppl arrange clothes to be seen as fashionistas. Very colorful or comfy.

      1. Haha, Ranma. Yes, zen moment, Katsu! I think this corporal punishment has something to do with zen idea, since zen influenced samurai mentality or bushidou spirit.

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