Kannagi 1 – Don’t we have Belldandy already? (Ray)

Oh but she’s a tree goddess.

(Tree goddess mutilation murder case? lol)

Another odd series where my jaw dropped a couple of times and I laughed at the antics.

However, having seen Belldandy knowing almost nothing about this world, another goddess does the same thing isn’t exactly revolutionary.

But this one is smart – she though cell phones are real phones, not landlines.

(I think cell phone still hasn’t appeared in Ah! My Goddess the manga AT ALL! It’s already vol. 37!)

Which of you old fashion people uses landlines anyway?

Oh and, even Japanese gods are affected by the tool of the devil! She must have TV???!!! YES! Praise western inventions!

Funny little gal that uses bishojo wand plus traditional Miko paper decor to exercise demons is hot. Funny that the main guy just have to pick up the bugs and throw them down do get rid of them temporarily. I guess this show will play the difference between the modern times and ancient people. It’s a nice little show that doesn’t have much meat and potatoes but god enough (oh ho ho ho I kill myself) to kill time with.

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