IS: Infinite Stratos, To Kill An Albatross

Ahhh, this anime is bullsh@t. What a f@ck is this? Ichika Orimura, the main character, is a pimp. Is he pimping unintentionally? He really makes me want to sabotage this anime!

He is enrolled in the IS Academy, and that’s an all girls school! That’s exactly my dream and regret! How I wish I could go to an all girls high school… Here’s Otaku’s lamentation, “I have never been able to happily mingle with girls, so I’ve never had a good time as a dude. I want to be a girl, so I can mingle with girls without any difficulties.” But this dude, he’s experiencing everything I wish for in my life. Because of that, I came to America, crossing the Pacific! Much more courageous than crossing Rio Grade! Because I never get to touch any girl, kiss and hug any girl, and cuddle together in bed. He’s a f@cking idiot. What I mean by “idiot” is that he’s chased by two girls at the same time, I mean, three girls! Japanese tsundere, English ojosama, and Chinese lolita! And he’s playing dumb, or he’s a real dumb, yes, the idiot! Like that novel by Dostoevsky! Dostoevsky must be dancing in his grave!

IS is a powered exoskeleton, a fighting device like mobile suits, only female is able to invoke and control it. That’s why all IS pilots are female. But Ichika, a boy, somehow could invoke an IS, since then he’s been recruited and put in a Top Gun training program. Ahh, without changing his sex, he can do what only girls can do. How can he do that? Maybe he was originally a girl, but did sex change like Simoun. Ahh, Simoun was a kami-anime. Divine anime! Weltanschauung of Simoun was just awesome! Matriarchy. Female-leading society. La Matriarca!

Lunch time, girls eye on him.

So, he can get into only girls’ circle. Ahh, girls world. The world men can never get to be part of…(except for gays). Girls night. Girls leisure, such as tea time, having tea with a slice of cake. Ahh, ocha-kai. Yes, an English way. Americans don’t drink tea but coffee. They don’t have the habit to drink tea at 3 o’clock in the afternoon. That’s why meido-kissa (maid tea house) is translated to “maid-café” in Ameringlish. Though English is the language of the English people, not American. Tea time. I really want to have a tea time with girls!

I want to be an idiot. The fool on the hill. The hill called “2-D.” Yes, a fool in 2-D. In reality (3-D), I’m a involuntary hikky (recluse), so I can never get to girls club. My sex is preventing me from getting close to girls. Gender-switch in 3-D is too much hassle, evident in Transamerica. But in 2-D, gender-switch is relatively easy. Ahh, I really wanted to go to an all girls school like Lilian Girls School. Maria-sama Ga miteru! Strawberry Panic!

But Ichika, he’s already getting all the goodies without gender-switch. If I was able to have skinship with girls as a boy, I wouldn’t have had a slightest gender identity disorder. Because of harsh reality, leading me to exhaustion by too many rejections, masterminded by machismo, market fundamentalism, and religious extremism. And I’m not seeing any light in 3-D, a son of Kenya isn’t our messiah… Therefore, I will migrate to 2-D, as an albatross, rather than putting albatross around my neck. Yes, like not to kill a mockingbird, not to kill an albatross. An IS pilot is an albatross. In 2-D I invoke an IS, which qualifies me as a girl, thus I’m an albatross. And suddenly, you will have moetical rhapsody like Kashimashi! Yes, that’s how I attain euphoria through gender-switch in 2-D!

Author: Monsieur LaMoe

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  1. Yeah, this anime is terrible. The funny thing is, over at the Nihon Review forums, we had a 4 page discussion just on the first episode of this series because everyone was so desperately trying to list all the problems with this show.


    1. @Kylaran

      Thanks for the comment. Is that so? lol. People must really have hated that show.


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