Inu x Boku SS, an unlikely choice of viewing

In the midst of this current spring season, I am still on this sampling mood, with some more anime to try and catch up. I already know I dropped Papakiki as far as I can drop it. I may have a couple of more titles to watch, but I can’t help but write a bit about Inu x Boku SS, which turned out to be an unlikely watch. So far Crunchyroll has up to four episodes and it has been thrown in a couple of unlikely components that has me hooked.

The mention of youkai aspects in the storyline. This was an unexpected to the already normal storyline, you get to see a twist on how this socially withdrawn girl gets to live in such a top notch building. What is interesting is the characters introduced and what their youkai aspect are.

This bolt of cloth happens to be my favorite one!

Another is what gendomike would call as equal opportunity. This show has elements to hook in the females and the males..

For the guys, how loli and cute Ririchiyo appears, there’s also a female SS, who happens to be a perv for cute female types. Ririchiyo is the mold of a tsundere type, that it makes me wonder how does this appeal in real life?

A hook for the girls is just how cute Miketsukami appears. *cues the sparkles* This may either turn or turn off viewers, so have a paper bag or tissues handy. I can see how exactly Ririchiyo would initially want to run for the hills. He sparkles as he begs to serve. Oh and did I mention that he has two different color eyes like David Bowie? Sexy huh?

I was a little too photo happy for caps of the main characters, but so far I haven’t been displeased as to how the storyline is going. Not sure how this story would go really, but if anything.. bring on the aspects of talking about youkai, and then I would be pretty happy.

Author: Linda

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4 thoughts on “Inu x Boku SS, an unlikely choice of viewing

  1. I also got disinterested in Papakiki after Lolis are put in distress. That’s just unacceptable to me.

    I had an opportunity to watch Inu x Boku with my fellow otakus, but youkai/butler isn’t my cup of tea. It reminds me a bit of Kaicho wa maid sama, an ikemen constantly stalking her and at the same time protecting her from danger. I like Hayate no gotoku much better though.

    He does look like David Bowie! Ikemen rockstar from the 70s. The different eye colors are extremely sexy to some males too, it also made Sakamoto Ryuichi sexually confused in an Oshima Nagisa’s film, Merry Xmas Mr. Lawrence. Ah, I wish I had these colorful eyes too, but mine are just small black dots, very typical Japanese eyes…

    1. That’s where we differ then! I detest Hayate no Gotoku to the point of shuddering, since it obviously is not an anime meant for me. But InuxBoku..hehehe..

      Merry Xmas, what a sad ending.. but you really wouldn’t expect looking at Sakamoto in that movie to his current apperances. Still the song and music is absolutely devine.

      Hmm.. to try out new color eyes.. people change it with contact lens. ^_^ I tried it with blue contact lenses before, but like you.. I als have typical Asian eyes. ^_^ It really wasn’t as apparent.

      1. Ahh, how can you loathe that masterpiece! I totally can’t understand you, LOL!

        Yes, he’s old now. I love the OST, that major pentatonic melody is just awesome.

        Haha, we share the same Asian complex… Yeah, I might try that. Japanese girls wear those, and Visual-kei bands also!

      2. Well we’re not the same target audience then.. still I even might end up dropping this series.

        Sakamoto might be old, but he definitely still sells out packed rooms… even as he improvises. Yes that melody is great.

        For fun, you should try it and see how it goes.. ^_^

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