Endings: Kannagi, Rosario 2, Hyakko

Of course everyone makes up and kiss up (blood sucking, nevertheless), but of course, another happy ending in Otaku season (catering to Japanese and some Asian Otaku – remember, unlike American ones, Asian Otaku don’t like sad endings and rather not be cynical) Ready? OK! Here it goes –

Kannagi – Of course Jin finds Nagi, what did you think? It’s funny that a god (goddess) actually needs somebody to believe in her, I mean, what’s with that? I thought gods are omnipotent? Just wipe out everyone and make new ones! How fucking hard is that? That said, this is an Otaku-service show, so Nagi’s breaking down is Kawaii! Go finish the job, Jin! Don’t forget to make more of the land and everything in it with her! All in your image, perhaps? Next…

Rosario 2 – Of course all the girls help Tsukune out, instead of saying: “You traitor! We loved you and since we’re monsters, we’re more horrible than your regular stalkers and we’ll kill you”, they go: “No! We’ll lose like bitches but we’ll help you to get her back anyways!” Funny and humorous, eh? Of couse Tsukune’s spine and bones don’t break after getting a smashing by Moka’s dad (whatever the fuck is his name) and of course, more panties shots for meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Yes! I wanna fuck Kurumu’s mom and Kurumu at the same time! What the hell is wrong with you, Tsukune? Big boobs FTW! Stupid idiotic plot but hey, pantsu, pantsu, panstu…panstu! Ding ding ding ding ding! Now just let me have her mom first, next…

Hyakko – Well, someone will analyze it better but for me, it was Aya-chan, Aya-chan and guess what? Aya-chan! It never left that much impress on me, perhaps because I always watch anime drunk, but seriously? I miss the crew from Azumanga Daioh so much more. After that show, quirky school shows are just not the same. The end. Did I mention, Aya-chan?

We’ll Face Off about the end of Kurozuka and I guess Chao; Head ending is up next. Oh and Mike promised to write about Toradora the season ender.

Author: Ray

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