Kokuhaku Time! Amagami SS+ plus, Highschool DxD

Kokuhaku (告白 “love confession”), the divinest moment!

Ahh, Amagami SS+ plus! The divine anime arrives in 2012! So divine! My God! Kokuhaku! Tachibana is so hentai shinshi (変態紳士 “pervert gentleman”)! But he now has a girlfriend, a smart and active student, Ayatsuji. And despite he’s taken, he gets a kokuhaku from the other girl, Kurosawa, a daughter of a city councilman. Ah, NTR! Buhihi! Yes, during pre-kokuhaku time, Kurosawa checks him out from afar, but when he notices she’s looking at him, she looks away, darting her eyes, and blushes. Oh my, holy cute! Kawaii!!! Overly cute! Ahh, and that kokuhaku scene at kousha-ura (校舎裏 “behind the school building”). A typical kokuhaku spot! How bold, she holds his face with her both hands, ohh, such a mentalist, even more hypnotic than Derren Brown. Who can resist that! A kiss without consent. A sudden kiss. Ambush kiss! Ambush kokuhaku! This anime totally knows what an otaku wants! Now I’m getting jealous at Tachibana, Makoto shine (誠死ね!”Die Makoto”)!


And, Highschool DxD. Yes, D times D = 2D! Yes, 2-D world! This Faustian anime, bust 99cm! Another oppai anime. LOL! “I don’t want to die not touching any boobs.” The last word of a dying man, Issei. A Colombian proverb, “Sin tetas, no hay paraiso! (Without oppai, there’s no paradise!)” I totally understand that. “童貞のまま死ぬのはイヤだ!(I don’t wanna die a virgin!)” I don’t know if I’m going to watch a whole cours. Despite over the top BGM, it’s very cheesy yet interesting, catering to hapless otakus who never experienced girl’s confession. Yes, the title of the first episode is “I got a girlfriend!” Oh yeah, kokuhaku on rikkyo (陸橋 “overpass”) with the sunset! Ahh, how romantic. A girl, blushing, shyly confesses her love to Issei! “I’ve been watching you for a long time.And when she confesses, she can’t see him directly in his eyes. I was like, “Ohhhhh My Goooooooooosh!!!!!” Jumping from a chair.A girl hesitantly asking a guy, “Are you seeing someone?” Oh, my! But sadly, in 3-D, I am always the one asking, “Are you married? Do you have a fiancé? Do you have a boyfriend? Are you seeing someone right now? Who do you have a crush on?” When was the last time a girl asked me if I have a girlfriend?

Ahh, I don’t wanna die kokuhakuless! Never had any kokuhaku… If I did, I’d never have become an otaku! I didn’t even have to be toying with an idea of coming to America!

Wow, so heavenly animes are already out in January, the beginning of the year! So promising! That’s the hope we’ve been waiting for!

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