Gundam 00 ep2 – I got hooked but pissed at the same time because…


AH!!!! It’s like Char without a mask and a Zaku pulled out a beam saber but the main Gundam uses a fucking heat blade??? What the hell?

Speaking of Zakus, the modern Gundam series really lacks something – a group of opponent mechas, which are not gundam-based, that one can root for and be impressed with.

For the UC gundam series (look it up, young’uns, if don’t know), what often helped the sale of models weren’t the gundams, it was the Zakus, the Doms, the Rick Diases, and other badass non-gundam mecha. I mean, there were good gundams but one had a choice. That’s why there are so many Zeon-followers in Gundam fandom. Because the guys with Zeon had distinctive and sometimes quirky personalities, and their mecha are often customized. For these who really know UC Gundam, who could forget the Black Tri-stars? The Golf? The RED ZAKU, gelgoog, and the Zeong? Who the fuck needs legs on a mobile suit when Char is piloting it?

Sounds silly? Well, kid, that’s a big part of the charm and flair of the UC Gundam. Gung ho men dreaming of bettering the world, even if they have to gas a whole colony to do it, but it’s not like the so-called good guys are all that honorable. In fact, watching the Zeon squad from 0083, they showed more courage than these Feddies. Even Cima Garahau was a character infinitely better than someone like that bitch Releena Peacecraft.

Then we had Gundam Seed and Destiny. They could’ve made it work by leaving Shinn broken at episode 50, but no, because a bunch of bitching and whining little boys and girls can’t take an ending that doesn’t resolve everything neat, nice, pretty and all gift wrapped and presented on a tray, they just fucking had to go out and make Shinn and Kira both such each other’s dicks and make up. I’ll bet a lot of these bitches are Japanese fan girls. Fuck you. That’s right, fuck you for help ruining a potentially great franchise. And Mitsuishi Kotono-sama makes an awesome Captain for the new Gundam Era. She could’ve became the “Captain Bright” of the Gundam SEED franchise/universe. But thanks to these pricks and bitches, now we get Gundam Balls. Oh and thanks to the corporate champions at Bandai who only cares for toy sales. But see, if these punk asses at Bandai didn’t press for a neat ending, they could have sequels and make more toys for sale, without having to redesign every over again – and that actually saves money, you damn corporate whores! XD

Anyhow, what happened to the guy who design the classic mecha for the opponents? These days, we get non-descriptive ugly faced mecha facing the gundam. The choice is made for me – the gundams are pretty. So root for these. There’s never any doubt which mecha wins. At least Gundam SEED tried to give us the Mobile Armors of old.

What, you gay ass designers want me to root for the ambiguously-gay pretty boys, too?

With all that said (those weren’t even my industrial strength rants), I actually was drawn into this episode. Clearly, even within the CB’s faction, there are philosophical conflicts because some of the people working there realize the absurdity of what they’re doing. However, what I didn’t like was one of these people kept on saying: “This is the test that the Celestial Beings are giving to the mankind.” and “This is the pain that the Celestial Beings are bringing into the world.” What, don’t make yourselves sound like fucking gods giving people trials. Acting that way makes these people potentially the same as Nazis and other groups of people who see themselves as superior than others. Well, I’m not seeing colonies and I don’t see any Newtypes, or Coordinators, or whatever else yet, so don’t try that garbage.

I like the animation a lot. The slaughter that Exia (what, it isn’t like the anyone else had a chance at all) does is animated beautifully smoothly with details not left out.

I also like the brutal honesty that the show presents, especially the attitude that the US president have (what, he looks kinda Bill Clinton-ish but he talks like Bush) about what the US is trying to do – goddamn it hits so close to home. Who made us (Americans) judges over everyone???

But yeah, then again, who the hell make the CB people righteous over everyone???

With all that pissed off talk, can you see that I actually enjoyed watching this episode because it had an interesting scenario alongside fluid animation?

It’s 87% recommended for your daily anime diet. But it still doesn’t surpass UC.

P.S. Give that guy from AEU who lost his soul (my gosh, an Zeta Gundam-ish line!) to Setsuna a mask ASAP! Daminit! He can’t be the rival to the main protagonist without a mask! AHHHH! Wut, masks are Hokey? The concept of people fighting in mecha (read: impossible giant robots) is hokey!

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