Potemayo 1 – The Trouble with Moe Tribbles

Captain Kirk never had it so bad.

Whoever thought of the concept of this show must have been a Star Trek fan, because if anything, that is exactly what Potemayo and Guchuko (Scythe-Tribble with Duct Tape) are–Tribbles with faces. It’s like an unholy marriage between the Tribble and Di Gi Charat, as the show’s humor seems to be in the same kind of random vein.

I really like how they don’t even bother explaining where or why both Potemayo and Guchuko appear in the fridge one day. They’re just there. I guess if there’s something that cute you don’t question its origins, even if it’s really because you left that food to rot for months and it came alive. Especially old croquettes. At least they only turn into moe blobs with possessive complexes. I can’t imagine what rotting hamburger patties or spoiled milk might turn into!

Can you hear my jealousy now?

This show’s humor is decidedly of the 4-koma variety, in which each segment is only 10 minutes and consists of a string of gags. I think I like the “love-dar,” the earring beams, and the way Potemayo reacts like a rabid puppy to anyone–especially poor Mikan–who challenges her absolute supremacy over her “master.” The pet-like nature is reinforced by the fact that neither Potemayo and Guchuko speak.

But what’s with even the boys wearing sailor suits? Is that just supposed to be funny or are there actually schools where that is the case? The sailor uniform, after all, used to be menswear, military garb in fact. It was Japan that turned the sailor suit into a focus for all our schoolgirl fetishes–are they giving it back now, or finally deciding to be egalitarian and show us what cross-players look like in animated form?

At least it’s not Man-Faye.

70% recommended for your anime diet, depending on your tastes. Subtract 20% if you don’t like random disconnected humor, add 10% if you liked Di Gi Charat. Add 40% if you are a moe fanboy–Potemayo is it in distilled form.

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  1. > I guess if there’s something that cute you don’t question its origins,

    I found those things mildly disturbing.

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