True Tears 3 – tears from me…


…In deep repentance. I humbly implore your forgiveness for my rash and drunken view of this wonderfully artistically masterfully crafted show with animation of Miyazaki caliber and the story as deep as To Heart.

Yeah right. However…

If all the silly little gimmicks were ditched, this anime really has some solid emotional substance that’s very simple and yet realistic and effective. Certainly the first two episodes were laying the ground work for the time and place of the story, while introducing the characters, and the animation is almost superb – rarely is anything superb these days, precisely because digital art is used and it has become so much easier to make a show looking highly refined in animation, hence just about everything has good to great animation. However, a sense of relative realism and beautiful use of colors here certainly makes this show appealing to many.

Without saying too much (I’m sure everyone else raved about this show and talked about ep 3 countless times already), I’ll talk about my likes of this show (as opposed to dislikes, which I did last time).

1. Excellent realistic teenage emotional depth.

The hurt and betrayed look on his face was genuine and priceless. The shocked and unexpected horror at the realization of what she had done made a strong impression on me.

2. The suspense.

Suspense? You bet. From everything that has happened and her attitude toward him, it’s actually not so clear if she likes the basketball player over him or not. Perhaps that’s the conflict within her. Now, will he date the chick girl?

3. Overall atmosphere and characters

For a dating sim turned anime, this is not overtly contrived in any sort of way. Things that a certain character do may be a little bit contrived, perhaps. But a better word here may be quirkiness. Again, there isn’t anything that real people absolutely would not do in real life. The scenes are bright and beautiful, the town, the home, and the school building are certainly detailed and great to look at. The presentation overall is excellent.

In this new era of dating sim shows and other teenage drama filled with angst, exploitations, and fan service, this certainly will bring in some fresh air for us cynics. Yeah, it’s nothing extraordinary, but it’s a good watch for the drama and realistic interactions.

But this type of shows isn’t in my reviewing territory. I can watch it, but there isn’t a flare and I still haven’t found anything extraordinary here. I’ll leave the rest of the blogging of this show to our very own professional

P.S. I can’t help but say that I find the main male character looking more and more like Ikari Shinji…Fortunately in looks only…Right?

Author: Ray

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4 thoughts on “True Tears 3 – tears from me…

  1. He ain’t too Shinji-like yet, fortunately. 🙂 And yeah, this show is shaping up more and more to be a good show, a lot like Kimikiss but with more drama and some quirkiness. (Noe kind of reminds me a little of Ed in Cowboy Bebop or Maria the illegal immigrant in Zetsubou Sensei.) I think this show will do best if it stays simple and straightforward, though I love–really love–the fantasy metaphors he comes up with.

  2. Shinji!? Not at all… But apologizes accepted. About the digitalization issue, yeah, that’s could be true. But to have a resource doesn’t mean to use it well. And there is few anime that have done this actually. I would insist that another two strong points in True Tears are edition and colours.

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