Nyaruko-san, peropero!

Ah, so cute! Nyaruko-san is really cute, voiced by AsuMisu! I just go peropero (ペロペロ “lick-lick”) over Nyaruko-san!

Haiyore! Nyaruko-san is a new anime just starting this season. Originally a light novel based on Lovecraft’s weltanschauung. Nyaruko-san’s official name is Nyarlathotep, a deity in Lovecraft’s pantheon. Yes, so many Japanese novelists and manga artists are self-proclaimed Lovecraftmen.

But unlike Lovecraft novels, I don’t think there is going to be any plot just like K-On! But to me, as long as Nyaruko-san is peroperoable, it’s all good! So long as I can peropero her!

I just love the OP of Nyaruko-san, “U~! Nya~!”  Nya~ or nyan is “meow” in Japanese. Ahh, moe pigs will definitely go crazy over this song. Already, otakus are covering this song with a bass guitar, and even with a recorder! Atsushi must be proud!

Nyaruko-san used to be a flash animation. But now, it totally turns into 2D. That flash version wasn’t peropero inducing. But now, it’s totally peropero!

Anyway, besides buhii (oink), peropero is kind of replacing moe as an interjection. Instead, the word “moe” is now becoming more as a concept than as an interjection. The usage of peropero probably started as Azunyan moe. Yes, Azu-nyan from K-On!, the first victim of perorism (ペロリズム)! To confess, I myself also peroperoed her countless times…as an unrepentant perorist (ペロリスト).  Peropero is a licking sound in Japanese, especially when otakus find a loli so moe-inducing, they go “peropero!” Yes, like Hina from Papakiki! But it doesn’t have to be a loli. Any 2D girls will be fine. Tsundere, twin tail, etc. It all depends on each individual otaku.

Yes, we otakus are the perorists peroperoing 2D girls! Perorists of the world, unite! We’re gonna spread perorism all over the world! In Scarface, Manny tried to peropero a 3D girl, claiming that “American girls love this shit.” But he got a bitch slap instead. But on 2D girls, you don’t even need to worry about that! Just taste like LCD though (the photo below is originally from this otaku site).

If Sei Shonagon lived today, I bet she would be saying “Anything small is peropero! (ちひさきものはみなぺろぺろ!)” instead of “Anything small is cute/beautiful. (ちひさきものはみなうつくし。)” Thus,

Nyaruko-san, peroperoperopero!

Author: Monsieur LaMoe

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      As long as she retains a form of high school shojo, it’s all peropero!

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