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Ga-Rei-Zero 02 – The tie that binds.

I’ll be honest with ya, after watching ep2, I started to doubt the value of one. However, no, I”m not stupid and I’ve seen enough anime to know that someone probably survived from the slaughter of Special Agent Team 4. At least that’s what it looks like to me.

Or it’s just the tunnel for zombies to appear. Oh well, so much for shock value

But yes, everyone who were preeminent in ep1 died, and now we completely switch to another group – Team (I forgot the number) from the Supernatural Disaster Response Section.

Aside from the sudden change and my suspicion that ep1 was for pure shock value only, the show, with its great pacing, excellent animation and the fights, doesn’t cease to impress me.

So, it comes down to this – why does Yumi decide to betray?

Something must’ve happened after her betrayal and she made a deal with the devil – or it seemed.

She’s in conflict with Kagura, right?

Oh I forgot, somebody was too nice and she got killed. Another one added to the death list.

Kill ’em all Tomino, anyone?

Some kind of competition is going on as the environmental bureau apparently has the upper hand here, as everyone from the Defense Bureau, even Team 4 with supernatural abilities, died.

But Kagura appears to be dead, too, and now what?

The ties that bound Kagura and Yomi was pretty fragile, as Yomi happily betrayed after learning that she wasn’t as strong as Kagura. Not much of a tie.

The tension right before they actually started attacking in the tunnel was great. Kagura should’ve finished her off. Nice technique, though.

Don’t get me wrong, I like what happened in the show so far, especially with the animation and the action. The cliff hangers do have me on the edge of my seat and the pacing is never lame. But as for the plot?

We’ll have to see.

P.S. You know the odd thing is? Is it me or Yomi is actually going to be the main character? Weird.

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