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Dragonaut ep 03 – Gundam Guardian Force with a Jungle techno music.

I finally realized what the hook of this show is – a jungle style techno theme song with Gundam style character introductions and guardian forces from FF7 battling (Bahamut, anyone?)

Wow…You can see the female scientist’s breasts from way over here…

What’s with the Eva style music? And the plug suits?

Then, a FF style of plot ensues…A guardian force/esper/whatever goes out of control, and the original handler is ignored (I sympathize with him more than I do the main protagonist, thanks Mike for comparing Eva with this one…), and the protagonist goes after one of the guardian forces.

Everything goes awry, the girl dragon escapes, the new naked dude is born to protect her (doujin artists, rejoice!), and we’re left with a cliff hanger for the next episode.

Right now, everything is still pretty confusing, but what I do know is that a lot of styles from a lot of shows are used – Eva, Gundam, FF series, ugly hair style catalog, and so on.

The conflicts are there – girl loves boy, girl is a dragon, another naked dude dragon sets out to protect the girl dragon; the rightful owner of the naked dude dragon is pissed at the boy, everyone pilots guardian forces Escaflowne style, and the boy must win the love of the girl dragon back. Sounds simple enough.

This episode is mostly action, and that’s fine in my book. I give it a 78% recommendation.

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