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Last time Kuu got butt naked and tried to seduce Kyoshiro and told him she would do anything for him. Do girls really do that in real life or is this just an episode catered to male Otaku’s fantasy, as opposed to episodes catered to female Otaku’s fantasy?

So we learned that Kuu is an Absolute Angel, but she can’t get her power out, and that Kyoshiro’s older brother may not be so great, according to Mika, Kyoshiro’s older sister. This makes me miss Jerry Springer – I can see it now, if Springer were still on – “A Good Older Brother healing the world with lots of women, or a Evil Brother destroying the world and scoring with lots of women.” Anyway, onto the episode 8 details. Consider the spoiler alert is in effect starting below…

Whoa! And we begin the episode greeted with Kuu’s butt! Well, not quite.

At the beginning of the episode, Kyoshiro yells at Kuu: “You stupid idiot!” He shoves Kuu onto his bed, and then tell her to get out.

Before Kuu can recover herself, he walks out, and than takes off on his horse with Setsuna watching.

Kuu, being absolutely miserable, walks onto the streets.

As the merry scenes of the school festival goes on, using the radio host’s microphone, Kuu’s best friend asks Kuu to contact her.

Kyoshiro, on the other hand, jumps into a lake.

His thoughts are conflicted as he thinks of his brother’s tears, his own determination of destroying Absolulte Angels, and Kuu’s smile. He rides back and decides to find Kuu, but having learned that Kuu left, he went out to find her, leaving a sad Setsuna behind.

Kuu stands on top of a ruined castle looking down at the beautiful city.

She wishes for existence and being, and then she jumps, unawaring that she’s doing that…

Kyoshiro’s there to save her from her falling death.

She confesses her desire to be held, to be a perfect match to Kyoshiro. She’s sad that she can’t be of any use to him. Finally, she asks to be meld into Setsuna’s body in order to be some use.

Kyoshiro finally can’t take it any more. He holds her and decides to confess – this part is for the ladies to see – and Kuu’s touched.

At the same time, some sort of the game is playing in the festival.

Finally, Kyoshiro decides that he will not destroy Kuu but to protect her, and to stop his other older brother, and his older sister.

As more merry scenes plays in the background, Kyoshiro confesses that he loves Kuu.

The countdown ends and they finally hold together (oh let it end…)

And then, we go to where Kaon and her Himiko is. Himiko finally gives a heartbreak confession that she’s going to give all her mana to Kaon. Kaon appears to be asleep, but her arm reached out and grabs Himiko. Himiko fells on her and kisses her,

and Kaon’s Mika crest changes back to HImiko’s.

Mika, on the other hand, opens a room and grabs a seal.
The Mobile Public Morality Squad lifts their swords.
The green hair girl with the winged hat and staff lifts her staff and it shines.

As Kyoshiro declines to accept Kuu’s invitation form for the moment (remember what they say in episode about the form?), telling her that he has to deal with his relationship with Setsuna first (Oh no…poor Setsuna), they make a promise in which Kyoshiro promises that he’ll come back and be OK.

As he walks away, Setsuna shows up. She has heard enough and she doesn’t want any of this (finally!).

She powers up, and…

From a distance, the “dream castle” (boy, there sure are a lot of castles in this) flashes, and as the main characters either gazes or wakes……

Kyoshiro’s older brother comes back alive!

He stands together with the girl in green dress and winges hat and large staff.

As Kyoshiro’s in tears and rushes toward his brother, his brother punches him in the stomach,

and Kyoshiro flies is slammed into a wall. As Setsuna takes two steps and screams Kyoshiro’s name and Kuu turns and does the same, his older brother turns toward Kuu, reaches out his hand just like in Kuu’s dream, and says to her: “Come with me.”

As Kuu stands with eyes full of shock and dismay…


My thoughts:

Setsuna, oh Setsuna. Why oh why can’t they give her a better role? My god, that poor girl! She does everything for Kyoshiro’s happiness, and all she gets is his: “I’m very sorry toward Setsuna, I’ll take of this.” She appears to have won no battles, and now she’s going to lose the biggest one of them all. This just sucks. Kyoshiro and his older brother may just be two real assholes that play with women’s hearts, just like some guys in real life, and you know what? They’ll probably get away with that…

All kiddings aside, this episode Kuu said nothing to her prince, and we finally get something going…maybe. The performance of the seiyuus are good, but it’s Setsuna’s character, Kaon and Himiko’s relationship that are really heartbreaking. It was particularly hard to hear Himiko quietly talking about what she’s going to do for Kaon her love. Anyway, I still don’t think this show quite matches to Kannzuki no Miko, because there are just so many things going on in this one.

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  1. To be fair if only Setsuna actually confessed her love to Kyoshiro instead of pretending that she’s just a sword to him, none of this would ever happened.

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