Code Geass R2 — love attack (actually title of the episode :(


The ending cliff hanger is the only thing about this episode really worth watching.

This episode is filler. It rest pretty much around Milly’s plan to get Shirley and Lelouch together. There is a silly chase scene with everyone going after Lelouch. One of the knightmare frames is used in the chase. Just a lot of silliness. Predictably Shirley ends up winning the race and getting Lelouch. There is the return of Pizza Hut for all those who were missing it. This episode only highlights how useless the academy is for the story. Nothing good happens just has an amazing setup for the next episode in the last few minutes. If you are looking for a little fun then enjoy the show if not then skip to the end and watch the last few minutes.

Up until this episode I saw a general pattern. Lelouch was kicking ass and taking names. He was developing a stronger army while taking down stronger opponents. He more or less agreed with Nunally’s plan for Japan. So he goes to another country to fight Brittannia. Now he goes back without an army. He does not set any great plan into motion, but just goes on dates. The whole Lelouch as school and not as Zero is running a little thin. Only morons would still think that Zero is not Lelouch. The only excitement from this episode is going to see how Shirley deals with her returned memory.

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2 thoughts on “Code Geass R2 — love attack (actually title of the episode :(

  1. It’s not really surprising, since the series has had a couple of other pure comedy episodes just like this one.

    It’s all filler as far as the main storyline is concerned, yes, but some scenes did show a little more subplot movement than your post indicates. Just nitpicking, is all.

    Plus, on the brighter side, Milly can’t really do one of these things again, which should make you relax from now on.

    I’d hope, anyways.

    Next episode should be much better, in any case, or at least different enough.

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