Da Capo II ep 1 – Forgive me but I’m going “full throttle” with my sarcasm

You know, I woke up this morning, and as I was looking out of the window, I didn’t see cherry blossom petals falling off a tree. Not even flower petals. But I did see dangerous flying debris, bricks, cows, angels, god, baseballs, people and cars flying by the window. Yep, it’s still fucking typhoon season in the laughable sorry excuse of a democratic country known as the empire of Chen Sui Bian of DPP Taiwan. On the other hand, I just watched the first episode of Da Capo II about 5 minutes ago, and for sure, cherry blossom petals were falling. And I hailed another ground-breaking effort for the anime world.

It’s not even that I live in Taiwan, and Yoshiyuki (the male lead) lives in Japan, as much as why the hell am I seeing the same thing that I’ve seen trillion times? He wakes up late, seeing sakura blossoms fall, but still he goes to school pretty leisurely after rushing out of the door, oh and, guess who comes try to wake him (fine, she didn’t have to after all)? A. Girl next door. B. His younger god sister.

Yes, you’re right, this is harem, so if I hate it but I watch it, I’m just asking for it.

It’s just that I used to love this stuff. My favorite harem shows are (from top): Ai Yori Aoshi, To Heart, and Love Hina.

The rest has been forgettable.

Granted, I didn’t watch Da Capo and Da Capo season two, and both got rave reviews. A couple of years ago, I really wanted to see them but I never did. Now I’m pretty sure I don’t ever want to.

It’s probably called: “getting over it, growing up, and facing reality.”

Ai Yori Aoshi struck me because of its very traditional heroine, Aoi, played by Kawasumi Ayako0-chan, she’s got such a cute and yet not annoy voice. Her voice has been described as the “girl next door.”

In this case, the girl is the daughter of a super rich family.

The male lead is different in that he’s living alone in Tokyo, not adopted by anyone, not living with a little/older sister or both, and technically he’s not rich. Oh and, he’s going to college and working. Also, I get to learn his painful past and I can feel sympathetic. Add some other interesting and not so typical girls, and a serene and truly beautiful and good twists on a cliched atmosphere, and I still like it to this day.

To Heart evokes nostalgia that even I, who has never attended Japanese school, was very touched. Again, Ayako-chan is the lead female. But having Horie Yui as Multi really helps. In this case, the male lead would be a bore to be with in real life, but the girls are just so cute and so nice and sweet and everything just seen so nice but without the overtly sweetness that would give me a toothache.

Love Hina was funny. That was enough for me, and Hori Yui as the lead really helped. And it was super funny for me.

However, these aren’t exactly your average harem stuff. Da Capo II on the other hand, is. The reasons?

1. Everything takes place in a high school.

2. The main character lives with not one, but two beautiful girls. And he calls them slaves that cook, do my laundry and hand washes my c*#k for me sisters.

3. Saukra petals just fall.

4. The male lead is super popular among girls or so we’re simply told of that.

5. He’s got a couple of loser friends that can’t score, no matter how hard they try.

6. __________________________ (calling out to cynics to insert your own reason).

Not cliched and typical enough for you? Good news, you’ll enjoy this one through and through.

One thing is different, I guess. A girl (Koko crispies ) confesses to him successfully (gasp!) in the first episode, and viola! He actually said yes!

Yeah, but “Megadere” did that confession 1 minute 15 seconds into the show. And Megadere pairs up two very unlikely people (at least in height).

Forgive me if you were looking for a full length review that praises Da Capo II episode one, but just think back about all your harem favorites (if you like these) and you’ve got the whole episode down.

The animation is very pretty, the design of the girls are only OK for me. I don’t remember much about the music. The characters are rather bland, except the ones played by my favorite seiyuus. Oh, and Ink-chan (Tamura Yukari)’s in it, and her voice is very distinguishable for me – and it’s so cute it’s almost ecchi.

Recommendation? 88% for harem fans.

Author: Ray

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