Code Geass R2 Episode 6–Let the Good Times Roll

Nietzsche was wrong: God is not dead, but the emperor is planning on killing God to fix that mistake.

This episode was fantastic in moving the story along and giving Lelouch a challenge. Lelouch has to walk the fine line between creating a world for Nunally and not destroying who she is. We are now seeing Lelouch working with his hands tied. He still has to act like a student, he cannot hurt Nunally, and he has to balance all of the schemes he is pursuing. In some senses we see that he is overextending himself with all the constraints on him. His plan failed, because he did not take into account how far Britannia was willing to go to reign over Japan.

Lelouch lays it out: he cannot destroy who Nunally is because that defeats his goals. Nunally comes back that she is working on the same plan, but through different means. Lelouch is now faced with the problem of fighting Nunally without fighting Nunally. That begs that question: “how far can he fight without losing who he is and his goals?” We have seen how he uses Rolo and intends to toss him aside, but will he think that the best world for him and Nunally will require him to hurt her in some way? Also, one of Rolo’s responses could be one of jealousy; he could come to the conclusion that to get Lelouch’s love, he must destroy Nunally. There is an awe-inspiring pool of possibilities.

This episode was fun to watch. Coming in from last week’s cliff hanger we see the maneuvering required to beat it. Also there are the new knightmares from Britanna that are pretty bitchin’. I did have a “that is cool” moment involving the upgrading of Kallen’s knightmare. This was the type of episode that got me hooked:it was full of action, action, and counteraction. A good time.

Gaying it up

P.S. Lloyd really gays it up for some reason.

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  1. man come on lloyd was like one of the funnies and cool characters in the whole 2 seasons give him a break lol

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