Chihayafuru 2 Episode 9: Arata turns into sket-dan


Bang bang Shinobu’s hammer made down upon Arata’s head!


Yes, Shinobu, a creepy karuta crazy girl, creeps up from behind at the stairs of Oumi Jinguu. Very eccentric. That Kyoto language, the very distinct, tatemae and honne, de jure and de facto. You say something that actually means otherwise. “I don’t deserve to be courting you (translation: Go home and look at your own mirror, you fugly bastard).” Yes, just like Brits! Shinobu is just creepy, though her face is cute. And her mole, crying mole, is actually moving like a fly! That was creepy.


I remember in middle school, there was a girl like Shinobu. Her face was actually good looking, but never laughed, barely smiled, never cried either, though I saw she smiled, but in a creepy way. She didn’t blink that much, so I thought she was an alien from the outer space. Yes, extraterrestrial  And she looked unhealthy too, pale, and especially that blueish lips, indicated bad blood circulation, but because she didn’t care about the makeup, not because she was unhealthy nor did eat right. When she had a conversation, she stared at my face without blinking which creeped me out a bit, but her cute looking face saved me from putting me in an alert mode, yes Color Code Red of Homeland Security. But she was very smart, probably top level in my middle school, went to a smart high school. Yet, she communicated in a eccentric way, oh yes, abnormal, well, we otakus are abnormals too, but she was a different kind of abnormality. Yes, an irregular, if I use a term by the anime Psycho-pass. Yes, a smart guy like Makishima, or Johan Liebert, that type of abnormal, of course she wasn’t a psychopathic murderer, but that intelligent level was partially what made her abnormal. Maybe Asperger? Even Arata looked more normal than she was. These people have different kind of mental process like us ordinary folks. Well, mine is at the low level, but not low enough to be qualified as learning disability. So, in that way, I’m also different, well, more accurately, I possess slower mental process than ordinary folks do.


So, karuta crazy people are all weirdos. That’s for sure. Chihaya with dude pose drinking water, that was funny! Yes, spreading legs like sumo wrestlers. Or Niou-dachi. Yes, totally zan-nen-kei bijin (disapointing beauty). And yes, this Shinobu girl in my middle school years too. But what I was curious about her the most was her sexuality. I mean I totally had no idea if sexual desire itself existed in her. Usually, middle school girls are all about fashion and romance. But she didn’t talk that kind of stuff at all, and she was rather alone, well not alone alone, but kept distance from the ordinary chicks by her own choice. I had to admit she was rather unique which made me spend time thinking about her way more than other normal cute female classmates. So, yes, then eventually I started fantasizing her, what if she was in a bed, because I couldn’t relate anything sexual to her in a real life. I don’t think she was a prude, but I couldn’t tell if she had any sexual interest. Maybe she was asexual? Umm. But that curiosity led me to obsessive fantasy. And to confess, every time I fantasized her touching herself in her own bedroom surrounded by Teddy Bear and Hello Kitty dolls and Kyuubey, I……I…t..tou…to..u..ched meself…oh yeah, yes, of course without her consent, though I didn’t need to have her consent in the first place, I made her my o…o…okazu… Yeah, I know, slander my name all over the place, but I couldn’t help it. Yes, I had to admit, even though I wasn’t sexually interested in her at first, but because she was abnormal, or rather say unique, that asexualness of her, abnormality and weirdness, but naturally good looking, and very individualistic, intelligent, non-sycophant, totally independent, doesn’t care what other people might think of her, these elements had me sexually hooked. It’s kimoi. Oh yes, I’m kimo-ota, what I can tell you, I couldn’t help it. Well, not exactly a kimo-ota at that time, but just a horny middle school kid, a potential psycho color to be a kimo-ota. Oh yeah, Shinobu, I totally love this kind of fushigi-chan (mysterious girl) too, though she doesn’t have any moe-zokusei. That’s why when I see Shinobu, I kind of feel embarrassed because of the past sexual relationship with a Shinobu-type of girl (at least in my head).

Anyway, anyway, Shinobu reminded me of that particular girl in middle school, the way her hair wasn’t taken care of, oh yes, she got a good looking face, but she was careless about her appearance, if she really took a good care of herself fashion-wise, she would have been the prom queen, not the karuta queen.


But, back to Chihayafuru, Arata helps his middle school friend in the national high school karuta tournament  because his friend’s team doesn’t have enough members to fight in a team tournament  Yes, he becomes a member of Sket-Dan club! So, Arata was disguising himself with a flu mask, but he got caught by his teacher at his karuta dojo, and then facing disqualification to fight in the individual tornament. And that was a very cliff hanger too, because that’s where Chihayafuru episode always ends! Ahh, can’t wait till next week!


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2 thoughts on “Chihayafuru 2 Episode 9: Arata turns into sket-dan

  1. Can MLM and I share the same type?? Yes!
    “naturally good looking, and very individualistic, intelligent, non-sycophant, totally independent, doesn’t care what other people might think of her”

    And thanks for sharing your… masturbation fantasies =P


    1. Hahaha, surely we can! Yup, middle schooler’s fantasy. “Masturbation” sounds too crude, so like Kyoto euphemism, I will say “corpus christi” to mean “okazu” since Easter is near.:)

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