Casshern Sins episode 1– This is one to watch

I cannot wait for the next one.

Always start with a great hook. Threatening to kill someone is a good hook. It sets the tempo for the contrast of this show. There is the visceral violence, but also the moments of reflection. When he tears the robots apart it is like him disemboweling them. They are not just robots but beings he is destroying. He is not the shining paladin but the conflicted warrior. He does not give a thumbs but looks melancholy in victory. This show is not an average show.

In the bleak world they want eternal life. The robots believe a shallow rumor to gain immortality. They think that eating Casshern will end their destruction. A point emphasized by the fragileness of the defeated robots. One can see the imperative need to end destruction and secure survival. Even though there is no proof the robots are passionate about the rumor. One robot even admits he does not strongly believe it but it is too good a chance to pass up.

Ringo adds an element that allows the audience to see the inner struggle. That it is not simply or easy. In doing what he thinks is right he ends up alienating Ringo and causing her to fear him. despite the beauty she sees in him he is a monster. Casshern is able to give her solace in admitting that she is not ugly. This is a bleak world but it is not a black and white world. It will be interesting to continue watching this series. That animation is also enjoyable and the environments are well done.

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1 thought on “Casshern Sins episode 1– This is one to watch

  1. Cassern is Amuro Ray! It’s the same guy!

    This is a high concept show in the vein of the late ’70s early ’80s style – just look at the guy and everyone’s hair and costumes! They came straight out of 70 giant robot shows!

    Kidou Senshi! Gundamuuuu Gundamu!

    Why are people, excuse me, robots hurting each other and believe in myths? Because the world is ending.

    I remember Alphaville – “Are you gonna drop the bomb or not?”

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