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Blue Drop ep 03 – so, it’s true in anime – people who argue will become lovers.

OK, first Hagino chokes Mari, and then she moves in with her, and then next time she’s touched by Mari she writhes in (ecstatic) pain, and then the two of them see who stay up the longest. Then Hagino goes away for some time and Mari misses her terribly.

Wow, girl love is beautiful. Even the lovers’ quarrel looks so cute…Ooh.

Whatever the voodoo Hagino does, she leaves a deep impression in Mari’s mind. Hence when she’s away. we keep on seeing the shot of her space next to Mari being empty.

Hagino finally decides to obey the order to mobilizes blue, much to the delight of her first officer. Also, Hagino goes back to the ship and back to her post as captain.

It’s interesting that their planet has no men, and yet they still dress in a psudo-one piece swim suit like uniform. Must be because they want to attract each other by showing off their legs. It looks like they’re shaved.

We learn that the captain of the flagship of the fleet wants to investigate about the incident on that island, which looks like it’s caused by the battleship Blue. We also learn that the more masculine first officer on the flagship (of course I’m stereotyping!) was in love with the formal first officer(?) of Blue. We also learn that it seems like during a jump, the first officer of Blue died. I wonder if this has something to do with the burning of the island where Mari lived.

In any case, Hagino’s beginning to have feelings for Mari as well, and she’s in denial. Mari just doesn’t realize her feelings for Hagino and Hagino is denying her feelings…Ooh, how cute.

Other stuff happen and we get to learn how much of a rich, spoiled girl Mari is. She can’t even cook spaghetti. We at the States say that you just can’t do spaghetti wrong. But, she does.

The classroom teacher gets into the Bijisan’s (dean’s) car, and girls are screaming jealousy.

I felt the emotional responses from the women (are there real men in this anime) are genuine and believable. Each woman has her own distinguish personality and no bimbos live here. The music is nice as usual and the animation hasn’t degraded at all. The plot certainly thickens as the captain of the flagship will be instigate the tragedy that happened 5 years ago when Blue was at the island.

My only question is: did a man or a woman draw this manga? I can see women liking Escaflowne because the mecha can be passed off as knights, but space battleships? That’s a big element of space opera, and last I checked, women don’t usually care for giant space battle cruisers with its crew dressed in one-piece swimsuits. But my recommendation is

84% recommended for your daily anime diet. Yuri is so beautiful…And every episode has a flower name…Poetic. I hope Hagino and Mari will confess to each other and go to the secret garden where they make sweet love…Ahem.

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