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Bamboo Blade Ep 19 – this episode kicks ass but her English sucks ass


Ass, ass, ass. No, I’m not talking about a donkey-like creature that the savior of the world sat on, and I’m not really talking about anyone’s shiny behind. But This episode accomplishes two different types of asses:

The humor kicks ass, but as in many other shows where a purely Japanese seiyuu trying to speak English and pretending to be a real English speaker, in this case a supposedly NATIVE Californian, the English sucks asssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss. No, it’s not the sound of a hissing snake – it’s the sound of something that sucks a certain part of the body non-stop.

Enough with that. I think I’ve finally got this show figured out a little. With the right mixture of barefoot high school girls, sweat, youth, exaggerated but still kept in check tongue in cheek humor, a super talented kendo Otaku heroine, and a section of touching violin music playing when something emotional happens, we have a winning formula. Oh, the characters are fun, especially Miya-Miya.

But with her seiyuu being in Claymore, I kept telling her: “Use the Flash Blade against this Undine! You’ll win!”

But damn, she loses. It’s time to ask for more power and starting awaking parts of your body, Clare, I mean, Miya-Miya.

I do get the feeling that the Armadillo Boy has balls as opposed to Raki, who doesn’t.

As for Undine, I mean Kerry, I can’t tell you how suck ass her fake English is, because it’s indescribably bad…OK, well, maybe compare with other’s, she’s not worse, but she’s not better either.

But ni dao ryu is cool. Except I didn’t think anyone was allowed to do that in a kendo match in real life.

But Miya-Miya failed to channel Clare and lost. She’s all gas but no steam. She’s all attitude but no power. Eh. Oh well.

Seriously though, it’s a great episode and very enjoyable. I loved it.

Fall 2007 season – the fall of Otaku


[Editor’s note: this is a part of the Anime Blogger Collective effort. I’m Ray and after Mike asked me, I decided to contribute! For other excellent articles, see these –Roxas, Karura, CCYoshi, Martin, Hige, J. Valdez, Xerox and Owen.]

Yeah, I’ve tried to cover a lot of shows in Fall 2007, and since then I’ve concentrated my efforts on 4 of them while keeping an eye on others that I were blogging before. For me, so far none of the shows impressed me or elicited in me strong reactions as I have for some shows in Summer 2007.

Shows that I’ve been reviewing for the fall: Gundam 00, Genshiken s2, Blue Drop, Bamboo Blade, and Sketch Book – Full Color’s.

Shows that I’ve reviewed or talked about in the summer: Claymore, El Cazador, and Zetsubo Sensei.

Please note that I’m well aware that the shows that I’ve been writing about varies in genre and making strict and direct comparison is obviously unfair. However, compare with the quality and the variety of shows I’ve experienced for summer, I find shows in the fall somewhat lacking. Of course, also note that this is only the mid-season review and many shows have yet to be fully developed and still have vast potential.

Next is my view on the shows I’ve been writing reviews about and some of my observation for fall 2007 in general.

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Blue drop ep 04, 05 – Love makes one’s brain muddle


Well, well.

I didn’t see the point of the gang except to show that Akane is a bad girl. But it’s so sweet that Akino saves Mari, and Mari throws herself at Akino.

The heroine saves the damsel in distress. “Hers and hers” towel in the bathroom for them! Ooooh.

Akino’s willing to betray her whole race for the sake of Mari, and Mari’s definitely falling for her. So I was right! In movies, sitcom, drama, and even anime, couples fall in love by arguing.

But the supreme commander of the fleet isn’t going to let her go free and easy.

By protecting Mari, she’s definitely incurred wrath onto herself.

For whatever odd reason, when she choked Mari in episode 1, I knew they were going to fall in love. I was thinking Eva, when Shinji choked Asuka by the end of the movie.

There isn’t a heavy sense of these girls obviously falling fiercely in love like Strawberry Panic. But the school is exactly like a secret garden of the girls…It’s just so sweet Mari throws herself at Asuka…I mean Akino…Uh.

Interesting tactic by firing a huge ass frozen ice stake at the enemy using…”boson jump” from Nadesico, or “transporter” similar to Star Trek. Interesting tactic, indeed. I kind of expected some kind of Nadesico scenario where Akino would become just like Yurika and out maneuver and user superior strategy to defeat the enemy. Oh well, it’s a yuri show. I’m perfectly happy seeing girls in love with each other.

That probe/capturing device with tentacles on the other hand….0___________O …I wonder how many male doujin authors are going to make great doujinshi out of it. I hope they feature both Akino and Mari gets probed and played and they get so turned on…

Ahem, in any case. the drama here is not bad, but it isn’t soul shaking, either.

85% recommended for your daily anime diet.

Blue Drop ep 03 – so, it’s true in anime – people who argue will become lovers.


OK, first Hagino chokes Mari, and then she moves in with her, and then next time she’s touched by Mari she writhes in (ecstatic) pain, and then the two of them see who stay up the longest. Then Hagino goes away for some time and Mari misses her terribly.

Wow, girl love is beautiful. Even the lovers’ quarrel looks so cute…Ooh.

Whatever the voodoo Hagino does, she leaves a deep impression in Mari’s mind. Hence when she’s away. we keep on seeing the shot of her space next to Mari being empty.

Hagino finally decides to obey the order to mobilizes blue, much to the delight of her first officer. Also, Hagino goes back to the ship and back to her post as captain.

It’s interesting that their planet has no men, and yet they still dress in a psudo-one piece swim suit like uniform. Must be because they want to attract each other by showing off their legs. It looks like they’re shaved.

We learn that the captain of the flagship of the fleet wants to investigate about the incident on that island, which looks like it’s caused by the battleship Blue. We also learn that the more masculine first officer on the flagship (of course I’m stereotyping!) was in love with the formal first officer(?) of Blue. We also learn that it seems like during a jump, the first officer of Blue died. I wonder if this has something to do with the burning of the island where Mari lived.

In any case, Hagino’s beginning to have feelings for Mari as well, and she’s in denial. Mari just doesn’t realize her feelings for Hagino and Hagino is denying her feelings…Ooh, how cute.

Other stuff happen and we get to learn how much of a rich, spoiled girl Mari is. She can’t even cook spaghetti. We at the States say that you just can’t do spaghetti wrong. But, she does.

The classroom teacher gets into the Bijisan’s (dean’s) car, and girls are screaming jealousy.

I felt the emotional responses from the women (are there real men in this anime) are genuine and believable. Each woman has her own distinguish personality and no bimbos live here. The music is nice as usual and the animation hasn’t degraded at all. The plot certainly thickens as the captain of the flagship will be instigate the tragedy that happened 5 years ago when Blue was at the island.

My only question is: did a man or a woman draw this manga? I can see women liking Escaflowne because the mecha can be passed off as knights, but space battleships? That’s a big element of space opera, and last I checked, women don’t usually care for giant space battle cruisers with its crew dressed in one-piece swimsuits. But my recommendation is

84% recommended for your daily anime diet. Yuri is so beautiful…And every episode has a flower name…Poetic. I hope Hagino and Mari will confess to each other and go to the secret garden where they make sweet love…Ahem.

Mike’s Fall 2007 Remainder Roundup

Between the three bloggers on this site, it looks like we’ve covered pretty much every major show except Shana 2 (none of us have seen season 1). This is my opinion on shows we’ve already covered: Blue Drop, Dragonaut, ef-a tale of memories, Gundam 00, Genshiken 2, and Mokke. You can read Ray’s articles in the links provided.

There’s a fine line between hate and yuri.

Blue Drop 1 (Ray’s Review of 1 and 2)

Now that’s more like it. If there was ever a show that was calculated to make me swallow yuri, it would be this one. :) It’s the only show this whole season that to me as any degree of genuine aesthetic beauty–beautiful music, beautiful imagery, emotional nuance (with one slight misstep in an unnecessary slapstick scene near the end in the cafeteria). It is slow, though, slow on the edge of boring, but given my tastes for European art film, I didn’t find it unbearable in the least. Mari is already an interesting character, though Senkouji, the alien girl, is still a rather blank personality so far (despite her sudden KILL ALL HUMANS activation program or something). The flowers were also a bit much, I think, a bit too shoujo-y for even my taste, and certainly all the hint we need that sometime soon there will be wink-wink-nudge-nudge-saynomore going on. Lovers always start by fighting. But I found the birds around Senkouji in the start to be rather beautiful. Gonzo did a good job animating that scene.

I am keeping a close eye on this one. I need some seriousness in my diet too, you know.

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Blue Drop Ep 02 – Torn between the sense of duty and that longing for love…


Man, Higino is very torn.

She wants to make sweet love to Mari, but she tries to strangle her in the last episode, and now when she touches Mari, she writhes in agony.

All right, all right, seriously. What this episode tells me is that Mari’s full name may not even be Watatake Mari. Not only her last name may not be hers, but her first name (Mari) may be added to her. In short, we’re not sure (except those who read the manga) if she’s even from earth.

She has the power to make Hagino’s true, blue-eyed self come out. The first time when that happened, Hagino’s beast within tries to kill Mari. This time, Hagino feels awful about something that happened and she cries while curling up into a ball.

It’s Shinji VS Asuka dilemma.

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Blue Drop Episode 1 – subdued longing

Reminder: Our School Days Demotivational Poster contest ends in just two days! The deadline is October 6, 9:30 PM Pacific Standard Time, or October 7, 9:30 AM in Taiwan and Singapore. Please see here for more details.

For everyone who has followed my reviews you know I’m rather critical and I favor shows that grab me within the first 5 minutes or so. So take this one with a grain of salt.

Previously, I wrote that I felt this one would be an introspective show. Looks like I was right. The atmosphere this show gives off is subdued, quiet, and thoughtful. A little bit like Makoto Shinkai’s work, but not as happy and nostalgic. In fact, like the first episode of Mushi-Uta, we get to see strong evidences of the decline of rural towns in Japan, possibily due to economic downturn, though we are not told of that.

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Blue Drop Promotional Vid.


Wow, I didn’t know this one has been on Youtube for a couple of months already. Hats off to those of you who have already seen it and have been panting for yuri for a couple of months…I mean been anticipating some great drama and friendship issues. Anyway, I just watched it and here are my thoughts.

I can see the color is quite bright even though they tried to tone that down a little. CG colors are never muted, dull or earthy. In any case, a little bit of Makoto Shinkai nostalgia in the colors and background, and I also got the vibe of Eva and Rahxephon from it. The shots remind me of preview animations for large-scale graphical novel games. Actually the setting itself reminds me of Sci-Fi graphic novel games for some reason. Anyway, it looks like it will have some serious introspections and reflections. But we also get that huge space battle ship.

There’s a good but lonely feeling emanating just from the preview. This definitely looks like it’s going to be a thoughtful show.

I’m looking forward to the yuri and other elements. Let me know what you think.