Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu 2 – Oda Nobunaga he’s not

So, our fearless class leader, Oda Nobunaga the Second Yuji Sakamoto, once again comes up with a brilliant (lol) strategy, in which, being the class rep, (or I’d like to call him “Taisho” – the commander of the army), will undertake the most difficult challenge as the last person to battle.

I became teary-eyed as I remembered that scene from Gunbuster – Top no Narae, where Gunbuster rose above the ship with its arms folded (too fuckin’ cool) and “strolls” into the battle field, which was full of the remains of humanity’s last hope. Ah! That was what anime was made of (not for a lot of people it wasn’t)…

Oh. Right. It’s a major spoiler ——- ready?

He gets his ass handed to him!

Shit, I thought he’s like Anzai Sensei from Slam Dunk or coaches/leaders with that kind of totally unexpected style and strategies. The weird genius that surprises people with a never-seen before troop positioning and attack patterns, like Yurika’s strategies from Nadeshico or something.


I knew he was going to lose but good god damn, his score wasn’t even close to the class rep, Kirishima, from 2A!!!

What one on one personal combat?

If you go into this show expecting real card battle strategies and excitement, save your time and stick with your favorites. That is NOT what this show is about.

But what was interesting was the subplots, the little juicy details about these characters – BL lover, GL, GL lover, childhood friend, and so on.

Himeji really wants to see Yuji does Akihisa in the ass and Hideyoshi (wtf, Japanese Warring Era???!!!) is more of a girl than his older sister.

Then yuri suspense was killing me…Part of me was waiting for 2-F to lose so that Kirishima would take Himeji and do this and that and that…

But the surpising yuri concerns someone else!

The perverted panties checker, Tsujiya Kouta, also presents a nice surprise. Hey, after all, Otaku wins in this show, Banzai! That’s truth for ya!

Sorry for the choppy sentences but this show is best watched and not discussed! Watch and be surprised! And if you watched and love it, please tell!

Additional Note: Akihisa is so bland in the first two episodes I really wish he’s not the main character. Also, this episode is more Shinbo than Shinbo???!!! WTF? Oh and,

Just sit back and turn your brain off and eat it (like Mike like to say). Don’t expect much and you’ll enjoy it a lot.

Author: Ray

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2 thoughts on “Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu 2 – Oda Nobunaga he’s not

  1. Yeah, this is one of those anime where you do not think, you just enjoy it and pay attention. I never once got bored or started to get bored watching it. You just have to respect anime shows like this. I also get the feeling that they are testing the waters to see if people like this kind of “mixed comedy.”
    Usually a show will focus on one perticular type of comedy such as yuri, yaoi, slapstick, or something like one character getting the crap bet out of him constantly. All of this is in this show and I rather enjoy that. Hope to see more like this in the future.

  2. @ flashtoons – testing the waters, eh? Yeah, could be. I feel that this show tries a lot of Otaku referential humor but it manages to incorporate them just fine. It’s a good laugh and a good show to enjoy.

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