Code Geass R2 episode 15— Crazy-ass-brain machine (with C.C. fanservice

Better late then never

It’s all about relationships. Ohgi and Villetta are the example of the unselfish relationship. Ohgi knows he is going to die but is willing to face that death for Villetta. He knows that he will probably die but his love is stronger then his desire for life. He even takes the hit for her so that she does not die. It is in his sacrifice that she finds her love for him. She jumps off of the cliff for him. The next question that she has to face is “will she reject him after jumping off a cliff for him?” Was her action just a reaction and will be overwhelmed by second thoughts, or will this be the impetus she needs to be in a relationship with Ohgi? I hope this is the point where she realizes her feelings for him.

C.C. loves Lelouch. We learn that “God” Charles was trying to kill is immortal C.C. That is not all that impressive. The back story shows the drive behind C.C. and what her main goal has been all along. She used her geass to find happiness in others. But as we could all guess that was hollow and shallow. Then the one person she thought she could trust ended up yelling “FOOLED YOU” and demands to be killed. So we see C.C. as the character that longs for death because she knows no love. Last season there was that one guy with geass who obsessed over her but did not love her. In Lelouch she saw something she wanted to protect. She did not want to force the pain of immortal life onto Lelouch. Lelouch responds by fighting for her. Working the crazy-ass brain machine, and calling her back from her intended death. But the C.C. that Lelouch knew was not that one that he saved. She reverted back to her childlike self before she had her geass. The developments will be interesting to watch.

Suzaku is not a complete ass. He is pretty close to it but did relent and did not force refrain on to Kallen. The beginning is awesome with Lelouch’s crazy eyes. He seemed to give up a little too quickly when he found out his father was immortal. “Well the geass does not work, and shooting does not help so I should panic” seemed to be the thought that ran through his head. This guy takes down whole countries and gives up when two plans fail. He really is dealing with some inferiority issues concerning daddy. Next time he thinks he wins I wanna see a fist pump or peace sign. Something that shows he is happy and cliché.

Author: matt