Ride Back – Touched, wondered, crapped.

The last scene actually touched me. It was very touching indeed.

How many times have you tried to soar only to fell back down to earth?

Well, get a mecha!

Jokes aside, it was actually kind of impressive to see her leap through the sky. That said, here are the issues with this show:

1. Yes, I’m sure some rebels can take over the world in a short period of time ala Star Wars.

Yep, we have realism. NOT

2. Motorcycles with arms. Amazing add-ons or….

Unnecessary additions? Gosh that’s ugly. They had better way to do this in Genesis Pit Climber (don’t fucking say Robotech, you bitaaach)!

3. Great character design – that is if you like the character design from Blondie (hint: look at her best friend’s eyes)

What the fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuCK!

OK, now the cliches:

1. She’s a newtype/coordinator/whatever.

Come on Gundam fans, you know this one!

You know she is going to see a mecha; you know she’s going to get on it; you know she’s going to be able to control it well even though she doesn’t think so; you know…

Well, you know.

2. Classical/ballad = dances of war and all that jazz.

Can someone please tell me what the fucking connection is? I hated lit classes and I often dreamed that as Krauser II, I fucked this writers for their stupid imageries and the snobby English professors that taught the shit.

3. Jumping at the end of the episode.

Yep. That’s right….think really hard all the shows that had the characters jumping and laughing at the end of a episode…I don’t give a shit what the reason is! They did that in 80’s anime a lot

Now, finally, what I’m dissatisfied with:

1. Show me the panties!

Wut? Somebody talked about seeing her panties but the audience is treated to none? BUUUUUULLLLLSHIIIIIIIIIIIIT BULLLLLLLLLLLSHIIIIIIIIIIIIIT!

2. Expecting a shootout with the mecha…

BUT WHERE WAS THE SHOOT OUT? Oh I get it, she’s just getting used to the cumbersome bike with arms.

3. Where are the sex jokes?

(Screw you, Rad’ra this is anime/entertainment not art, get over it) But a girl, getting a nice ride – she’s on top of a stud bike – she had to move forward TO GET INTO THE RIGHT POSITION – the bike didn’t bounce her up and down in its lap? Ooooh…

Hmm…I wonder if Fujishima, the manga auther of Ah! Megami-sama drooled when she just hopped on without the usual female comprehensiveness near machines…

OOOOH! YES! I am the god of CHAUVINISTIC pigs! Women, hear me roar!

Then again, ballad and mecha. Yep, that mixes so well all right.

It’s Madhouse, so it’s got great animation. But I don’t think the studio mixes with mecha well. My advice?

Do another samurai show without WTFs and head trips. That’ll do their DVD sales wonders (at least in the US).

P.S. the pretentious and overtly-trying-to-lead-the-mood monologue pissed the Demon King of Cynicism to no end.

Author: Ray

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  1. BTW: demon king of cynicism. wtf you’re not even clos to what cynicism really is.;__

  2. OK. I’ve got to admit two things.First: I kinda trolled. Second: this show isn’t as good as I imagined after watching some scenes randomly from first ep…

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