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Attack On Titan: Mikasa is shockingly beautifugly

Mikasa's 6 packs

Attack On Titan, really gross, probably the nastiest gruesome anime I’ve ever seen. The only reason I’ve been watching this show is Mikasa. Misaka is horribly beautiful. Her face is OMG, swooning…, she is a half Asian and half Caucasian, a half usually gets the best out of two parents, until I saw her semi-naked…

I just can’t see her 6 pack abs… This is the most shocking thing from Attack On Titan. Yes, cannibalism, that was really shocking. The cruelty is unimaginable. I don’t know why, but I feel recently animes are getting more cruel and gruesome. Is that a trend stipulated by Urobuchi? Now, the number of moe animes is getting smaller, and this kind of serious and gruesome anime is coming back to life like the 80s, oh yes, like Hokuto No Ken (Fist of the North Star) so to speak. That was the first splatter anime ever in Japan. And now, Psycho-pass and Attack on Titans. But her 6 pack…, nothing was more gruesome than that. The degree of shockness was unbelievable. It gives me the same shiver that Sarah Conner (Linda Hamilton) in Terminator 2 gave me. Yes, too much muscles, she just works out too much, or probably using steroids. It instills a sense of repulsiveness in me. That muscle probably gets red flagged if we run a doping test on her. Yes, this kind of muscle is abjection, I just can’t get any moe out of it, but only a sense of fear and awe. Yes, like the ancient Greek sculptures with these exaggerated muscles. I just feel these are the fugliest.

Mikasa actually reminds me of a girl in my middle school. Oh yes, she had a well built 6 pack too. She was a member of the school’s track team, so she wore shorts that bared her belly, and ohhh, 6 pack! Her whole body was muscular, but slender-muscular like Bruce Lee, not like Arnold the humongous muscles. Yes, Mikasa is exactly like that, a Bruce Lee type. And also, there was a girl who was in the school’s Judo team like Yawara. She had a really cute face, but had an effing 6 pack too. In my middle school, there wasn’t any girl’s locker room, well, it was still middle school, and our city was not wealthy enough to provide girl’s changing room. Of course, it was exactly during the lost decades, so schools simply didn’t have budget. So, girls and boys were changing clothes for PE class in the same classroom. And that time, we could accidentally see girl’s belly, but we averted our eyes by the sense of guilt. But I remember I felt pretty unlucky seeing those 6 packs. I was like, “Ewww, everyone is turning into a Linda Hamilton.

Six pack fetishism

But since my middle school days, I kinda forgot that feeling. I know some of my classmates were into girls’ 6 pack. Oh yes, 6 pack fetishism, which I never understood. So, probably, if they are watching Attack On Titans now, they must be having ecstasy by looking at Mikasa’s 6 pack. They must be Mikasa fanboys today. Yes, Mikasa is exceptionally beautiful, but please don’t wear bikini in front of me. She should wear sukumizu (school swimsuits) since that covers her belly entirely. That muscle is a killing machine. I don’t want to touch. I don’t want to get connected to. I don’t want to have skinship with that muscle. It’s just fearful. I tell you, 6 pack ain’t no things-in-themselves.

If only Mikasa’s abdomen was smooth…

Yes, Mikasa is exceptionally beautiful, a genius in a hundred years, and the strongest in the military. Mikasa is Rosie the Riveter of our otakudom. But, her abdomen is darn. Yes, beauty and fugly mix, yes, beautifugly melengue. Totally double binding. I mean it’s still way better than panzon, or beer belly. Way better than obesity, no argument there. But flat smooth abdomen is ideal, and I want to kiss navel of that like Tachibana did to Kaoru in Amagami SS. But don’t get me wrong, I love Mikasa, she is like the true wife to Eren. “Wherever you go, I’ll follow you, since I need to protect you. You’re no good without me.” Ohhhh, so cute. Is this a kind of osekkai (metiche, meddler)? Kekeke. I would fall in love instantly! Please make me miso soup every morning! But not with that 6 pack…

Mikasa’s predecesor, Rosie the Riveter.
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