Attack On Titan: Mikasa is shockingly beautifugly

Mikasa's 6 packs

Attack On Titan, really gross, probably the nastiest gruesome anime I’ve ever seen. The only reason I’ve been watching this show is Mikasa. Misaka is horribly beautiful. Her face is OMG, swooning…, she is a half Asian and half Caucasian, a half usually gets the best out of two parents, until I saw her semi-naked…

I just can’t see her 6 pack abs… This is the most shocking thing from Attack On Titan. Yes, cannibalism, that was really shocking. The cruelty is unimaginable. I don’t know why, but I feel recently animes are getting more cruel and gruesome. Is that a trend stipulated by Urobuchi? Now, the number of moe animes is getting smaller, and this kind of serious and gruesome anime is coming back to life like the 80s, oh yes, like Hokuto No Ken (Fist of the North Star) so to speak. That was the first splatter anime ever in Japan. And now, Psycho-pass and Attack on Titans. But her 6 pack…, nothing was more gruesome than that. The degree of shockness was unbelievable. It gives me the same shiver that Sarah Conner (Linda Hamilton) in Terminator 2 gave me. Yes, too much muscles, she just works out too much, or probably using steroids. It instills a sense of repulsiveness in me. That muscle probably gets red flagged if we run a doping test on her. Yes, this kind of muscle is abjection, I just can’t get any moe out of it, but only a sense of fear and awe. Yes, like the ancient Greek sculptures with these exaggerated muscles. I just feel these are the fugliest.

Mikasa actually reminds me of a girl in my middle school. Oh yes, she had a well built 6 pack too. She was a member of the school’s track team, so she wore shorts that bared her belly, and ohhh, 6 pack! Her whole body was muscular, but slender-muscular like Bruce Lee, not like Arnold the humongous muscles. Yes, Mikasa is exactly like that, a Bruce Lee type. And also, there was a girl who was in the school’s Judo team like Yawara. She had a really cute face, but had an effing 6 pack too. In my middle school, there wasn’t any girl’s locker room, well, it was still middle school, and our city was not wealthy enough to provide girl’s changing room. Of course, it was exactly during the lost decades, so schools simply didn’t have budget. So, girls and boys were changing clothes for PE class in the same classroom. And that time, we could accidentally see girl’s belly, but we averted our eyes by the sense of guilt. But I remember I felt pretty unlucky seeing those 6 packs. I was like, “Ewww, everyone is turning into a Linda Hamilton.

Six pack fetishism
Six pack fetishism

But since my middle school days, I kinda forgot that feeling. I know some of my classmates were into girls’ 6 pack. Oh yes, 6 pack fetishism, which I never understood. So, probably, if they are watching Attack On Titans now, they must be having ecstasy by looking at Mikasa’s 6 pack. They must be Mikasa fanboys today. Yes, Mikasa is exceptionally beautiful, but please don’t wear bikini in front of me. She should wear sukumizu (school swimsuits) since that covers her belly entirely. That muscle is a killing machine. I don’t want to touch. I don’t want to get connected to. I don’t want to have skinship with that muscle. It’s just fearful. I tell you, 6 pack ain’t no things-in-themselves.

If only Mikasa’s abdomen was smooth…

Yes, Mikasa is exceptionally beautiful, a genius in a hundred years, and the strongest in the military. Mikasa is Rosie the Riveter of our otakudom. But, her abdomen is darn. Yes, beauty and fugly mix, yes, beautifugly melengue. Totally double binding. I mean it’s still way better than panzon, or beer belly. Way better than obesity, no argument there. But flat smooth abdomen is ideal, and I want to kiss navel of that like Tachibana did to Kaoru in Amagami SS. But don’t get me wrong, I love Mikasa, she is like the true wife to Eren. “Wherever you go, I’ll follow you, since I need to protect you. You’re no good without me.” Ohhhh, so cute. Is this a kind of osekkai (metiche, meddler)? Kekeke. I would fall in love instantly! Please make me miso soup every morning! But not with that 6 pack…

Mikasa's predecesor, Rosie the Riveter.
Mikasa’s predecesor, Rosie the Riveter.

Author: Monsieur LaMoe

A refugee from Japan. Live in NAFTA. Get hooked on Moe. Moe is opium? Twitter: @MonsieurLamoe

102 thoughts on “Attack On Titan: Mikasa is shockingly beautifugly

  1. I think muscle fetishists like her too. I don’t care too much about her abs. I just find her personality to be admirable for young girls everywhere ever since I saw her back when reading the manga. 😀

    1. @Manga Therapy

      Oh, you read manga too? Yes, her personality is adorable, the true yome (wife), that devotion to Eren. How many wives are like that today? Only we have are desperate housewives. But her abs are…cover my eyes instead of cover hers..

      1. I’m not a sexist, I am the feminist as I love women more than anybody else on the earth. Too bad Mikasa’s virginity is Eren’s. Should be mine.

  2. I totally agree. As long as her midriff is covered, she is one of the current most attractive females in anime. I’ve always thought extreme muscle tone on women is weird. It looks so unnatural.

    1. @Ehrgheiz

      LOL, totally. Her beauty is exquisite, as long as she doesn’t expose her abs.

  3. You know, I’m glad you mentioned the yome part. People think she’s really perfect, but her love for him can be a bit too much even though it’s SO ADORABLE.

    I’ve been reading the manga since 2011, so I got to see those Mikasa abs before most people have. XD

    1. Yup, basically she built that abs for Eren, so that would be too much. I remember one time I actually put my scarf around some girl’s neck, but it didn’t work…

      1. You need to kill 2 people save her and then she saves you by killing one person

  4. Personally I think women who are strong emotionally AND physically are pretty hot and I’m not really sure what the critical value of calling her rock-hard abs (which are ENTIRELY suitable for who she is and what she does) something that should remain covered in order to keep her “beautiful” instead of “beautifugly” is supposed to be.

    I’m not especially into men or women with outrageous muscles (never even watched Jojo’s), but I’m all for more female leads with varying body types in ALL media. Mostly we’ve got “skinny with big breasts,” “skinny with small breasts,” and “skinny with medium breasts,” a little variation on height, and that’s about it for body types in anime.

    1. @addie

      So, you’re okay with a girl with six pack abs. That’s good. Nothing wrong with that. Lucky for girls with six pack. To me, I feel fearful from her abs. It’s the same feeling I had when I watched T2, Sarah Conner’s over-muscular body freaked me out. But some of my classmates were into girl’s abs, so they felt muscular girls were very hot. So to them, her abs were desirable or valuable. Of course, if Mikasa chooses to expose her abs by her own free will, no one can stop that. I just cover my eyes instead.

      For oppai, there aren’t just three sizes like McDonalds fries or drinks in anime, but we got from A, B, C, D, E, F…sometimes even until Z. Zillion kinds. So otakus embrace diversity of oppai, just like America is made of diversity. And you would know that if you watch this anime, B-gata H-Kei,

  5. Seriously… are you that shallow? is it really that important how a person looks like?
    I can believe this. As for me, I like her look. She is not the typical “girl with big breasts and
    a small waste” but a trained girl and speaking of it, she is a soldier and in a war like this,
    you better be trained to the max to survive as long as possible.

    1. Speaking of training, I was wondering why other female characters have smooth abdomen. Only Mikasa has this abs. I suppose they all went thru the same intensive training with Mikasa. You know, her abs just freak me out, it’s the same reaction I got from watching Sara Conner’s over-muscular body in Terminator 2. But, as long as Mikasa doesn’t show her abs, everything is fine with me.

  6. Implying Mikasa only exists for your sexual gratification and not as an interesting and strong character.
    Seriously, I hope you never get a girlfriend with your attitude, lest she have to deal with your sexist, shallow bullshit.

    1. As long as exposing that abs, Mikasa can’t be my sexual gratification. And I’m not a sexist at all. I just don’t like six pack abs on her. That’s all. Dislike of abs don’t make me a sexist, does it? I never get a girlfriend? I gonna have a wife! Don’t you know my family name is going to be “Ackerman”? In fact, I already proposed to her, “Please make me miso soup every morning!”

      1. The fact that you are so ignorant as to not even understand why everything you wrote was both extremely sexist and shallow is just pathetic. I feel bad for whoever is dumb enough to marry you

      2. Krista is not dumb, neither Onodera nor Fujimiya although they are my waifu.

  7. You’ve got to be joking me.

    Is your own masculinity so fragile that you feel threatened by a woman with a six pack? One can enjoy a six pack on women without being “muscle fetishists”. As a matter of fact, throughout most of the anime and manga, you don’t see anyone’s midriff. So aside from you obviously having not taken into consideration actual canon material (aside from the top picture of the article), this article shows just how feeble and concerned you are with your own manliness. Perhaps her having more muscle than you is frightening — alright, then.

    However, if you’re talking about Chrisa/Historia next to her? She’s one of the weakest out of the trainees and, out of them all (save for Armin), has the lowest amount of combat skill. However, even she has muscle (if you look at her legs). Mikasa, on the other hand, is the strongest. These are two very different ends of a scale.

    Considering her rank (Number 1), her lifestyle (Combat based), her skill (one of the bests) and her lack of care for what others (besides Eren) actually WANT her to look like? This body type is completely justified, and quite attractive to those whose masculinity don’t feel so threatened. While there are people who could genuinely find muscle like that on a woman unattractive, your case in particular boils down to what I just mentioned. The fact that you seen it fit to write an entire article about how it “scares” you and essentially bashing it is a classic case of hating something because it threatens you.

    And with that, I say, go fuck yourself with a spork you callous, objectifying douchebag.

    1. @reclusiveacolyte

      You are completely misunderstanding me. So, I will go over each by each.

      First, I’m not threatened by a woman with six pack abs. I just feel it’s repulsive, so I don’t want to look at it. I see midriffs with smooth abdomen throughout anime, the classic example is that every anime got at least one beach episode in it, which is totally cliche, but I get moe out of these. I’m not concerned with my manliness at all, quite the opposite, I hate masculinity and steroid showered muscles, and I don’t like gruesome anime like Attack On Titan, so to speak Fist Of North Star type of gruesome anime. In fact I am a soushokukei danshi (herbivorous boy), I don’t like full of physical contact, sweaty jock sports like American football. Only jocks care about manliness. I wish I was born girl or at least with a feminine face like Armin or Hideyoshi. I always envy a male crossplayer who looks good with women outfits. My face looks too masculine unfortunately, so I can’t look good with woman outfits.

      Krista is strong. Despite the fact that she has the lowest combating skills among the top ten of the 104th alumni (yes, top is Mikasa), she’s still graduated as one of the top ten, so she is extremely strong. Ordinary people will get killed instantly if they ever try to mess with her. I love Krista because she is strong and also has the heart of an angel. And very kawaii. Even Reiner has been moonstruck by her kawaii-ness.

      I don’t hate Mikasa, I love Mikasa, I almost declared Mikasa to be my waifu at first, but her abs prevented me from doing so, because I didn’t know she had that six pack, so it was totally shocking to me. Then Krista has appeared with that charisma and charm bringing horses with her, so now I’m more fallen for Krista, but I think it’s blasphemous to propose to her, any human being with penis is going to defile her, so Reiner should stop flirting with an idea of marrying her, so I’d rather be a horse that she mounts on. Hihiin (neigh)!

      Objectification is nothing wrong. Everybody does sexual objectification unless you’re asexual. So, I’m not sure why you’re calling me a douchebag. If objectification makes people douchebags, then except for asexuals, all people including you and me are douchebags.

      1. Okay, if we leave the face that you want to marry a character because she is pretty…
        What I don’t get are why you dislike a character because she has abs. Abs are muscles. Strong people develop muscles. Mikasa = strong. What I want to say isn’t that you have to like girls with abs, but to dislike someone because of it is just creepy.

        I’m a fifteen years old girl, short and with a face that makes people mistake me for twelve. However, I train fencing six days in week and have some muscles, which the same people who think I’m cute finds strange. It’s so irritating, to always be rated because of your appearance, and for the fact that I (a small girl) can lift a guy who’re twice my size. It’s like I’m supposed to be some supporting little mascot who no one takes seriously. Shouldn’t strength be a good thing, or is it just okay for a girl to be strong if her abdomen is smooth?
        Sorry for the rant.

        Oh, and Krista already has a girlfriend, Ymir~

      2. Hi Sunny, thanks for stopping by.

        First, I love Mikasa, I don’t dislike her because of her abs. I almost wanted to marry her.

        I totally admire ur strength and dedication to master the art of fencing. Yes, Rea from Sankarea also has fencing skill. Btw, cute girl with martial arts skill is really cool, Sentou-bishoujo (fighting beautiful girl) is prototype in anime also. And for lolicon, which a lot of otaku are, Lolita appearance is gold, so loli martial artist totally induces heavenly moe moe kyun! Kawaii and strength, the best combination ever. Mishima Yukio, a post war Japanese writer, strived to be both beautiful and strong. But now time has changed, instead it’s “kawaii and strong.”

        Kawaii is highly valued traditionally in Japan, a thousand years ago, Sei Shonagon, a female writer, wrote “everything small is cute.” And Kyari pamyu pamyu is ambassador of kawaii. West German economist E S Schumacher wrote “small is beautiful.” So if you ever visit Japan and especially be around otaku in Akihabara, you will be treated as o-hime-sama (princess, your royal highness.” Maybe in your community small cute girls are looked down upon, but in Akihabara, trust me, the opposite will happen for sure!

        Strong girls are awesome. In the article, contrast to Mikasa, I put Kaoru from Amagami as a girl with smooth abdomen. Not like Mikasa, but Kaoru is very strong too, she beat up a sex offender suspect at a school and she becomes a hero.

        Krista is a lesbian!? Krista and Ymir are going out???

      3. I think you should just stop talking. I’m sad that people like you exist in this world. I don’t like to judge people, but everything you have written leads me to believe that you are a sad, overweight man who has no friends and does nothing all day but sit behind your computer and watch anime, and then writes these pathetic, meaningless articles just to garner some attention. Seriously, please just stop commenting, all that it’s attracting is more negative responses.

      4. Yes, we otaku exist in the world, that’s why there are anime for us to avoid harsh reality of 3D and escape to 2D. But I’m not obese like Daru, but skinny, as Japanese are usually thin. Haganai or I barely have friends, but still have friends, and I do go outside to make ends meet, just to pay bills in order to keep watching anime.
        I can’t accept your request, so I will keep writing, though it may sounds senseless to you, I know there are otaku out there who share similar experiences, so for them I write.

  8. Oh wow, I’m speechless at how stupid and superficial you sound. I’d bet anything that you are some out of shape little shit, and here you are saying girls with abs are revolting.

    1. Why superficial? Despite the abs, I love Mikasa. So, if I say “girls with abs are amazing,” would that be stupid and superficial too?

      1. It’s one thing to say that women with abs aren’t your type. To say they are revolting, a deal breaker, and she should never show her midriff is why you sound superficial.

      2. I don’t think so. Because to say abs are amazing thus always should show midriff doesn’t sound superficial. So, saying the opposite is not superficial, neither “stupid” nor “little shit” in your language.

      3. You said,
        “I don’t think so. Because to say abs are amazing thus always should show midriff doesn’t sound superficial. So, saying the opposite is not superficial, neither “stupid” nor “little shit” in your language.”
        Let me put it this way, can I say that I love the Jewish culture and people? Yes, I can. Can I say I find them revolting and being Jewish is a deal breaker? No I can’t.
        Notice the overwhelmingly negative response you have gotten in the comment section? that should tell you that you may have said something wrong.
        You wrote an entire article about how you didn’t like mikasa having abs, that’s a little ridiculous as her being sexy to you was not their intention. Portraying a strong character with a realistic figure to match her athleticism is what was important. Also, you go on to talk about girls you knew and how they were also unattractive for being fit, what the hell bud? It’s fine to not be attracted to something, but to write an entire article about it? To use words like replulsive, fugliest, and eww? You honestly see nothing wrong with that? I don’t find acne attractive, nor do I find obiesity attractive. But I will not write an article about how I do not find a character attractive anymore because of it. That just makes you sound petty and superficial.
        Anyways, to answer your question to why the other girls don’t have abs despite training, the answer is simple to anyone who has any experience in physical fitness, something I’m sure you know nothing about. The presence of abs has much more to do with body fat% than muscle mass. The other girls just aren’t as lean, simple.

      4. @Marky

        I understand your point on Jewish, but that’s totally a different discussion. This isn’t about racism but anime character’s abs.

        You can tell how much I was shocked to find Mikasa had abs from reading my writing. So, it was natural that the whole article would be about Mikasa’s abs, because I was really shocked by it. That is why I wrote this article. Thus, the entire article became about the abs because I intended to write like that, since I had a sense of urge to write about how I felt about her abs in a honest way possible. But you also realize that I dearly love Mikasa from my writing. In fact, I almost declared her to be my waifu.

        The girls I talked about were from my middle school. I would never have seen their abs if our school had a girl’s locker-room, but our school district didn’t have enough budget since the economy got tanked, it was after the bubble burst, the long Lost Decades. So, that’s why I came to see their abs unintendedly. But because of that, at the same time, I had a precious experience of seeing the abs with my own eyes in middle school, which I could later write about it and share with everyone in this particular opportunity.

        True, but that’s purely a positive statement you are making, but my question is why the author or animator has made only Mikasa’s abs that outstanding while other female characters having smooth beautiful abdomen. To abs or not to abs, that is the question.

        So, I didn’t say anything wrong. People who’ve known me for a while have laughed at it. Those critical serious comments are from those who don’t know me. That is the difference between negative and positive comments. So, I don’t think that my article have sounded petty or superficial, but rather comical.

      5. “This isn’t about racism but anime character’s abs.”

        Once you bring others in to it, real people, it’s about abs on girls in general, even if its focused on Mikasa. I just used the Jewish argument to illustrate a point, but fine, lets put it this way, imagine if an article about your bodytype was made. I’m sure you wouldn’t mind one praising it, but what about one calling it repulsive? That would be quite mean and petty.

        “True, but that’s purely a positive statement you are making, but my question is why the author or animator has made only Mikasa’s abs that outstanding while other female characters having smooth beautiful abdomen. To abs or not to abs, that is the question.”

        Just to show her exceptional athleticism. I’m pretty sure Levi is the only other character with such defined abs. It’s just a creative choice. But honestly, in the show itself, you never see the characters midriff, so don’t get so hung up on it.
        Look, I really don’t care if your friends found no offense in it. Who knows, maybe the others and I failed to catch your biting satire that made it comical, but that’s really not obvious in your article. So don’t act like you and your friends have the final word on whether or not you said something wrong.

        ” But you also realize that I dearly love Mikasa from my writing. In fact, I almost declared her to be my waifu”

        Now I realize you take this stuff way too seriously.

      6. I don’t mind comedians are making fun of my body type. If I find not funny or poor taste, I just don’t listen to them. I’m not like Sarah Palin telling comedians to stop using a word “retard.”

        Yes, it’s just that people have failed to catch humors, or maybe got to improve writings since not familiar people took it seriously and responded with such negative comments. Maybe cultural factors too, since Japanese friends laugh at this humor.

        Yes, I love 2D girls more than anybody else since I’m a kimo-ota (kimoi-otaku), and there are some kimo-ota actually married a girl from LovePlus. Thus I love Mikasa more than anybody else, that’s why her abs were shocking to me.

      7. “Yes, it’s just that people have failed to catch humors, or maybe got to improve writings since not familiar people took it seriously and responded with such negative comments. Maybe cultural factors too, since Japanese friends laugh at this humor.”

        You have to improve your writing skills… a lot. If you meant this to be a comedy piece, it’s not obvious at all. I have no problem with good comedians making fun of whatever. So I disagree with Sarah Palin, comedians have free range really. You are not a comedian nor is your work funny ( judging by your piece), so it just sounds petty and like the work of a weeaboo who takes this way too seriously. I suppose it could work as a sarcastic piece making fun of those who actually think like this, but since you actually do think this way, I doubt that’s the joke. Also, forget about waifus and 2d women bud, youre setting yourself up for a lonely life. 3D women have a huge advantage of actually being real, you should look into it.

      8. Too bad you didnt find it funny. That’s disappointing, because i wrote it for fun. But its okay, different taste. Im glad that u disagree with palin though 🙂 but you should read my other writings so you will know my writings are nothing to be taken seriously. Probably this humor is not understandable among non-otakus and non-Japanese. I say in Japanese the same type of things you may find in 2chan, and they laugh. Maybe got lost in translation. It doesn’t translate well maybe because of my poor language skill, or simply Americans do not have the same humor. I think the latter. But my american friends laugh too, well i live in socal so probably my cultural surroundings are more understandable to this humor.

        3d girls? give me a break! how can they give you any moe? Are you not an otaku? 2d girls are the best. I’m not setting my self up for non-Riajuu life, because they have set me up for non-Riajuu life, I go for 2d girls!

      9. The mark of a good writer is too accept criticism. You think I’m a non fan of anime who happend to stumble across this? No, it’s just that without context to how you normally write, this didnt seem very funny. Even knowing its a joke, it’s not that funny still.
        “but you should read my other writings so you will know my writings are nothing to be taken seriously. Probably this humor is not understandable among non-otakus and non-Japanese”
        Yeah, sarcasm or satire isn’t unique to a Japanese sub culture, and considering you are from SoCal( as am I) you shouldn’t speak for a nation you aren’t completely familiar with. I’m not asking for in your face, ham fisted satire , just that you make it more clear how exactly you are trying to be funny.

      10. At the same time, don’t listen to critics and nay-Sayers, just be youself. Critics called the new art movement fauvaism because they thought it was horrible as beast like. But that actually revolutionized the art. So I will write freely. But I appreciate that you told me how you felt about my piece.

        You are from socal too? cool. did u go to anime expo this year? but I think youre fundamentally misunderstanding me. I am from Japan so I am Japanese. So I’m not a gringo. You should be able to tell when I wrote i in my school days experienced the Lost Decades, the post bubble economy of the 90s I grew up and around that time neon genesis evangelion came out. That is why when I translate my humor, probably because of the structure of the anglophone, that unique japanese funniness got lost in the middle. But i wanted my American fellows to laugh at it but kind of went the other way around. So i think humor is really cultural things. But I will keep on writing until I can make people laugh lightheartedly with otaku mentality and enjoy otaku life.

      11. Fair enough, just keep in mind that M. Night Shamlanadingdong feels the same way about criticism.

      12. dont know who that is. but i wont let criticism stop me from my otaku style of expression.

      13. A famous director. He directed The Sixth Sense and was once hailed as the next Spielberg. Now he is the laughing stock of Hollywood. Never listened to his critics and assumed he was always right.

      14. Wow, the director of Six Sense, that film was amazing. That’s too bad. Same happened to Kurosawa. When Kurosawa made the first color film, Dodesukaden, critics were extremely harsh on him, and generally that film was considered to be a failure. Since then, he disappeared from the film scene until the Russians offered him a work. But to me, I liked Dodesukaden, it had the same feel with the recent artsy anime, Mawaru-Penguindrum.

  9. lol

    having little body fat (usually less than 14% for females) = 6 pack abs showing. You don’t have to be muscular to have those abs showing. One thing though, it does guarantee the person is fit. So those girls definitely appeal to me.

    1. Great! Good for you. Mikasa just needs over 14% of fat then. That’s pretty simple:)

  10. Some people are so petty…

    It makes perfect sense why she has six pack abs. She’s a soldier and the top soldier of her league too. I expect to see her looking strong. She manages to be tough, beautiful, and compassionate all at the same time. It’s so RARE in anime see a strong woman. And by strong, I mean personally strong, not just able to carry a sword or a whip. But a woman who’s strong in character. She has the capacity to be that and also so very feminine. That is a rarity and should be celebrated frankly. I don’t care if her abs look “fugly”. She worked for them. She has them. Deal with it. People are getting EATEN and many are relying on her to be a damn good soldier. Personally, I like how she breaks from the stereotypical body-type. It’s like every woman has to look exactly the goddamn same. You otakus have other places to look if you want that– like every other female ever.

    1. I love Mikasa, except her six pack abs. Her face is omg, swooning, a half of asian and caucasian, that is just exquisitely amazing. I think Kill La Kill got really strong female characters too. So, actually anime does have a lot of strong female characters like Simoun, Koihime Musou, Ikki Tousen, Strike Witches, Queens Blade, Manyuu Hikenchou, to name a few. I don’t think all women have to be the same either. If you watch B-gata H-Kei, you find it celebrates zillion kinds of oppai, yes, anime actually celebrates diversity. I find Krista more feminine and more moe, so I don’t need other places to look because Krista is what I want! Krista doesn’t have six pack abs and she’s not gonna glare at you…Six pack is a matter of body fat as someone already wrote in the thread, so Mikasa simply has less fat than Krista. So, in order to have smooth abdomen, Mikasa needs to eat more American food which produces the Obese Empire. USO instead of USA, United States of Obese. Super-size me food, yes, MaguRonalds!

  11. This is really gross, who cares if you “like” defined abs or not, that’s like, not actually anyone’s problem but yours.

    1. Hi Jessica,
      That is correct. I have problem with that fearsome abs of Mikasa Ackerman, and I was utterly disturbed by it, this emotional disturbance was since I watched Terminator 2’s Sara Conner’s over-muscular physic, that is why I had to write this article and let it out my emotional topsy-turvy. I don’t know in the West, but in Japan where I came from, over-muscular body of a girl is not considered to be kawaii. But if you don’t have any problem with it, that’s good. Nothing wrong with that also. Probably Americans find girls with muscles are sexy.

  12. what the fuck? shes in the MILITARY. she fights for her LIFE every DAY. she goes through immense physical training in order to be strong enough to kill TITANS. OF COURSE SHE HAS A FUCKING SIX PACK. SHE IS STRONG, AND NEEDS TO BE TO SURVIVE. jfc

    1. Krista Lens is in the military also, but she doesn’t have fugly six pack. And she was one of the top 10 students from the 104th trainee squads, so extremely strong despite her angel-like meek personality. When Christ said “the meek shall inherit the earth,” I bet he was talking about Krista, not Mikasa.
      And I can tell from my experience that Krista is really well recognized. In fact, when I was in Akiba, a street maid pointed out “Ohh, so you wanna marry her!” when I said I’m a fan of Krista.

  13. Whoever wrote this article is shallow, misogynistic, and disgusting… and to make matters worse he doesn’t even seem to realize it. Regardless of whether or not this is about an anime character, to take a feature that many healthy, fit women have and to call it “revolting” is inexcusable. It’s inexcusable to use that word towards any person, particularly when it’s a feature you see on so many people who save lives for a living. This guy is just a terrible human being. Time to put this on Tumblr.

    1. LiSyao,
      I am a feminist-gentleman, just like Tetsurou from AnoNatsu claims to be. I’ve marched with feminists on May day demanding equal pay. I also marched with them raising placards for right to choose. So I can’t be misogynist. Why is calling Mikasa’s abs “repulsive” mysogynistic? I felt the same way when I watched Terminator 2, Sara Conner’s over-muscular body gave me chills in my spine. It wasn’t only me but many of my schoolmates who watched T2 were shocked by Linda Hamilton’s muscles. They said it was fearsome. And I felt the same way from Mikasa’s abs. It has nothing to do with misogyny.

    2. I called him out on this article too, but get your tumblr social justice idiocy out of here.

  14. Personally? I like the fact she has abs, I like the fact she’s got muscle at all. Not because I have a muscle fetish. But because I find a woman with strength sexy. To quote Wash from Firefly “have you ever been with a warrior woman?” While I do think too much muscle may be a bit ‘gross’ I think a woman with some muscles on her is far more attractive than a woman with none.

    This has stretched back as far as I could remember. Back when I first saw Aliens the character I found the most attractive wasn’t Ripley, it was Vasquez. To me a woman who can fight or hold her own, a woman who is confidant in herself, a woman who is not the type to be shy at getting her hands dirty, that’s the woman I find most attractive.

    1. I see. Yes women like vasquez is really cool, a woman who can fight and confident in herslf.
      While I also admire women with strength, I don’t necessarily find them sexy. Some of them are sexy like Mikasa, except her abs. But if female has less than 14% body fat, abs will show up anyway, so its all about how much of body fat. so I guess Krista has more body fat than Mikasa. And Krista’s body fat is more than 14% for sure. i think body fat is essential to feminity because that’s what makes oppai fruitful and oshiri fecund, and also punipuni of upper arms! So Krista is more kawaii to me, and Krista is a girl with strength too.

  15. An old blog post, but I’d still like to comment about it.

    I was surprised to see this picture of Mikasa and Krista. Most anime go the cheap route to make their female characters 100% sexual bait and make them have huge chest, no muscles at all (even if they’re fighters), and other cliche body traits.
    This anime was much more realistic about their bodies. I like the creators for doing that with these characters.

    There’s plenty of other anime that’d suit your taste and I’m sure you’re aware of that. AoT is just too unique to go that route though. It’s admirable of them.

    1. Forget about Mikasa, but Krista is moetically adorable, since she’s small like loli-size, especially for having small chest or Hin-nyuu, which is also a “cheap” route to make her 100% moe bait for moe-pigs like us. You see, chest size, it has from A to Z, if you ever watched B-gata H-kei, kyo-nyuu (big boobs) isn’t the only moe bait, but hin-nyuu as well! So, Krista totally suits my moecstatic taste!

  16. Really? Is this really a thing? You know, maybe I’m just taking a wild guess on this, but didn’t the 104th training corps go through 3 years of really intense training? Does anyone else remember that happening? So maybe if I gave my all for three years of military training I’d have over exaggerated abbs as well? And no, I’m pretty positive she didn’t wake up one day and was like “I’m going to get intense abbs so eren will think I have a hot body.” whoever posted that you have no intellect and I feel like I contracted some of your stupidity by reading your comment.
    I’m pretty positive that everyone who made it through that training has abbs. Even armin and Krista probably have this though not as intense.

    What confuses me though is that most of you are complaining about how a CHARACTER that you DON’T own was CREATED by its CREATOR the way they wanted (IN A REALISTIC SENSE) instead of a way that is ATTRACTIVE FOR YOU while you complain about the gore intensity of the plot. Then you go on to state that you only watch the show because you harbor ATTRACTION TO A SINGLE CHARACTER.

    Well excuse me if not all plots can be rainbows and butterflies wrapped in a big ass sparkling bow with a tag that says “Im cute in every way possible and child proofed for the safety of underdeveloped minds. If it’s too gorey for you go find something a little bit more your speed.

    1. @UmakeMeSick

      Krista has abs underneath her body fat, her body has more than 14% of body fat, thus not showing abs. Krista has smooth abdomen, so I want to kiss her navel. Mikasa, simply less than 14% body fat, I don’t even imagine in a sec of kissing her navel. But Mikasa’s face is totally swooning, just OMG. But all are ruined because of her 6 pack abs. That’s all. Just my personal preference, and I don’t think stating my personal taste is stupid. Ahh, Krista, a girl who can ride on a horse is the sexiest, whom I want to marry…or at least I want to become Krista’s horse if I can’t marry her…

  17. I think Mikasa AND her muscles are absolutely gorgeous.

    Oh, you don’t think it’s hot? It turns you off? Her abs are ugly to you? Fucking GOOD. Because no badass beauty like Mikasa would want a whiny pisspants boy who hates on her muscles anyways. Show ’em off Mikasa baby!

    1. I don’t care if Mikasa doesn’t want me. I’m undesired anyway in reality… But I know Krista will still smile at me even though I’m a kimo-ota. Even if I can’t marry her, I know she will let me be her horse…that gentle welcoming todos personality is unmatched, probably who comes close to Krista is Kaori-chan from One Week Friends. I know she will have a karaoke-date with me…

  18. I’m a male, and I recently saw Mikasa Ackerman’s 6-pack which might I add is fucking amazing. Shit is slightly scary at the same time, but I like that :P. She on some intimidate then eliminate shit. I don’t have a female 6-pack fetish or anything, but if she existed IRL I fucking would. No wonder all those motherfuckers in the earlier episodes wanted to kidnap her, and her mother 😛 I’d spend like 25% of teh sex on those abs bro, but before I get called a sexist sex craving pig I will say that I like Mikasa as a character definitely, and you rarely see strong female characters as amazing, and justified as her. I mean shit look at naruto. Sad as hell right?

    Abs on females = instawin
    Personality, and general style of Mikasa = fucking angel wife
    Eren is getting muscularity based fucking threatened

    1. Yeah, if you spend like 25% of sex on Mikasa’s abs, great for you. But not for me.
      Mikasa and Eren are reversed by gender roles, because Mikasa always says, “I have to protect Eren.” A girl protecting a dude. That’s something new to me. I find that pretty fascinating because usually it’s a dude that has to protect a girl as a knight in shining armor. I love Mikasa too, I want to make Mikasa my wife. I’m a soushokukei boy, so I need a strong girl to protect me. But not with 6 pack abs. I think Krista can protect me, or she can ride on my back, as I want to be her horse, neigh…

  19. I’m glad Moe is fucking dying that one of the reason why i quit watching most anime… and this guy is stupid… i have seen loads of anime and mange with stronger buff girls he need watch real anime and stop with the baby as Moe like Pico X Choco and move up to real stuff.

    1. Moe is “real stuff.” Can’t you tell how cute Krista is? She is so kawaii. And there is a new moe-breeze anime called Hanayamata. Pico x Choco is not a moe anime, it’s a shouta-con anime which makes me vomit. Bishoujo is what we seek.

  20. Mikasa IS moe, she IS kawaii, yasashii and will make a perfect waifu for Eren or anyone she loves because she has a kind and innocent soul since her childhood. then it comes her beauty. was she aware of her beauty? NO she wasnt.. so she cut her hair and trained hard, her abs just comes naturally because she doesnt looks herself in the mirror 10 hours a day like other girls. because she is different, she is Mikasa!
    so you still think abs doesnt fit her image my friend, you think abs looks ugly on her? why not put it this way, women’s pussies arent good looking are they? i thought they were the ugliest thing when i first saw them, but it doesnt stop them turning you on, does it?
    i really like Mikasa, shes the kind of girl who will devote her entire life to you if you marry her, so i will like everything about her, i wouldnt mind if she has chest hair, let alone those cute little abs

    1. Mikasa is awesome, agree with perfect waifu, I even proposed to her already, “Pls make me miso soup every morning~!”
      Yes, far better than these shallow girls who spend their time in front of the mirror 10 hr/day, window-shopping at malls idly. All they can do is make themselves even tackier and uglier, by doing gaudy nails, putting extensions, buying brand bags and shoes they never wear. Unnatural and artificial, totally looks fake and phony and pretentious.
      Mikasa doesn’t even need a mirror, because she doesn’t need to fake. She’s already so beautiful without any heavy makeup on. I don’t think vagina is ugly, but rather it depends on whose vagina though. Mikasa’s would be awesome. But I want abs to be covered. To me she isn’t moe, because of her abs. Abs ruin everything about moe. In turn, Krista is moe! Riding on a horse, which I wish to become. Neigh!

  21. Too fat? Cover it up. Too muscular?

    This is pathetic, it seems as if it’s never enough. I think Mikasa’s Abdominal muscles are awesome. She is currently the epitome of the “Do it like a girl” movement. And her body shows it. I wish they showed her abs off more, just to make people uncomfortable.


    1. Mikasa is awesome, I love her, though her abs are fugly. I’m glad that they didn’t show a lot of abs, which was really shocking to me. Yes, women can be muscular, and so are guys, but I don’t find steroid induced doping body attractive, both female and male. It’s fearsome. But if they’re proud of their body, so be it.

  22. Realistically speaking, anyone who does what she does in the anime, and trains to be able to do that job, would have a similar build. The portrayal of both her and Annie as having athletic builds I think was done to make it seem more realistic, and you certainly can’t fault the creators for that.

  23. Im pretty sure after you watch me!me!me! You will change your tune on moe. The Moe art style and the j jop idols are a huge cash grab on us anime fans.

    by first appealing with cute characters when you have trouble with romance pick a wifu and go with it no chasing women around spending cash on other people,
    Then if friends dont like your anime fine stop being friends with them, no need to buy them gifts on holidays anymore or food with them when you hang out well

    next up live on your own so family ties you down and guess what you can spend as much on merch from that show as much as you want.

    So to why have friends when you have video games and 100’s of episodes of your show why have family and women when you can have a 2d girl telling you she loves you she won’t leave you can’t sleep eat drink she’s immortal cuz shes a picure or game model but guess what.
    What you’re really doing is giving the moe industry is your COLD HARD CASH you’ve spent 50-100 on figures 200 on props and 1000’s on completing your collection they only want your money not your love. 3d people can be assholes but atleast they’re honest.

    And I mean it try once outside with others find a 3d girl even if you fail you always can learn from it love is hard you must learn to do the most diffcult thing of all. Putting the her first likewise she must learn to put you first too so point is both male and female have to put other first or the love will not last its hard but in it’s impossible to describe a full relationship.

    Hope best of luck H.

    1. you say you are a Japanese person from Japan? You speak very good English.

    2. There is nothing wrong with moe anime, it’s loving something in excess. That’s the point of me me me. You could say the same thing about anything. That’s the difference between a hobby and an obsession. me me me is an critique on the fans that let anime ruin their social lives, not the anime. The NEETs in particular. If it was criticising anime, that would be the most petty thing ever considering that everyone involved in me me me would be hypocrits.

    3. Their money! They spend it how they want it.

      Also, wth are you talking about? It should be obvious that the moe industry will expect cash from its’ consumers. You want them to make it for free and for love?! Love won’t let them make more moe stuff! Wth is wrong with you?!

  24. I actually thought this article was pretty hilarious. As in I couldn’t take it seriously. Not enough moe anime. The anime industry is packed with moe anime, In fact cute girls who are meaningless as fuck are a modern anime special unfortunately. Want to kiss a smooth belly? Well sure do that. But sorry to disappoint. In real life most women who have a flat belly have muscles underneath that that you can actually feel. If you want the exquisite well toned flat abdomen there will be some “invisible” abs hence abs from abdomen. I don’t think any muscled girl is repulsive. Nor is any muscled dude. And nor are fat men or women. It is your choice of words that is disdainful. You don’t want people you want types. And that’s pretty sad. Maybe, this was a total troll article. It sure feels like that.

  25. People tend to forget that it all boils down to preferences!

    Some may like rock hard abs on girls while others don’t.

    Don’t be offended if someone has a taste different from your own. It’s like a lot of you here want the human race to have the same butt-hole!

  26. You thought this anime was horrible because Mikasa was muscular? That’s the dumbest fucking thing I’ve ever heard from the anime community. She was literally said to be “worth a hundred regular soldiers”, and how do you think she achieved that? By being strong! And what do you have when you’re strong? Muscles! What the fuck do you think the military is? A goddamn waifu factory? You little shit. Go watch moe if you love it so much – there’s plenty of it, and shut the fuck up.

  27. No women like Mikasa would even spit in you general direction you weaklin, badass fit women like that don’t want you, normal ones don’t want you, You’ll end up with a landwhale mark my words

  28. So are you saying men can look good with abs but not women? That’s sexist, unless you’re saying both look bad with abs. In which case that’s bias against fit people. Unlike the normal anime girl who has: Smooth Stomach, crushed looking thigh gap and gigantic breasts and somehow expect us to believe they are the fittest in their show, Mikasas body is actually realistic, and very diverse at that.

  29. I mean…she’s a soldier, obviously she’s going to have muscles if she’s “as strong as 100 men”

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