Punipuni upper arms, heavenly skinship ever!


Brynhildr in the Darkness is pretty eroi (erotic). Just watched episode 1st, and OMG! Puni-puni, is onomatopoeia for soft tender part of female body, it’s like poking jello with finger. Ahhh, softness, yawarakai… Yes, especially ninoude (二の腕 upper arm) of female is very puni-puni, this sensitivity is extremely erotic and sensual. It is said to have same sensitivity as feeling the softness of oppai. But touching oppai directly will go to prison, or get restrain orders from federal appointed judges, much heavier penalty than failing to enroll Obamacare, so instead, it’s a proxy of oppai, upper arm is getting touched naturally in the middle of conversation, so no crime would be committed or getting sued. Yes, feeling of puni puni upper arm, that is so similar to the sensation of oppai. The softness is female is nothing more heavenly than anything else. That is the reason I can’t die.


Kaaa, I’m so envious! Yes, feel her arms, yes, upper arms, ninoude! Oh yes, smoothness and softness…, the best femininity ever, as I’m a feminist gentleman, my life is to seek them. Feminists are the ones who worship femininity. And yes, to seek punipuni is to seek the true path of feminism. I worship feminine more than anybody else in the world, and that makes me the true feminist, and feminist gentleman. As a feminist gentleman, I want to punipuni that upper arm of Kuroha Neko.


Kuroha really has strength, she can beat up general human males. But her muscles are so punipuni. She tries to make flex but doesn’t come up. And feel it with your index finger, ohhhhh yes, totally punipuni! I so want to punipuni, and that is the authentically moetically best skinship ever next to feeling oppai when hugging a girl.  Feeling oppai with your chest when hugging is “munyu~.” That sounds more hentai, and “monimoni” is onomatopoeia for groping oppai like Mangaka-san to Assistant-san to, but punipuni is not hentai at all, it’s more kawaii onomatopoeia, socially acceptable.


Oh yes, Kuroha is the princess of puni. Yes, punipuni princess!  Yes, punyu, that’s one movement, one time poking, but punipuni is repeated poking, with that soft sensation felt on tip of index finger that sends signal to moetical lobe of the otaku brain. That signals will get overloaded and finally explode and thrust the stratosphere all the way up to the milky way. And that is called “moe.”

Oh yes, Mikasa from Attack On Titan is really strong. But I bet her upper arms are as hard as rocks since she went through the intensive training of the 104 corp. But Kuroha has very soft upper arms, so strong and also soft! Not strong and stiff. So, it’s awesome. This is exactly 柔能く剛を制す(softness overcomes hardness).

I think Kuroha’s body fat is more than 14%, so either way her upper arms are very punipuni. So, yes, and to seek that punipuniness is the way of feminist gentlemen! Let us evangelize punipunism as a punipunist. As today is Flower Festival (Hanamatsuri, ie, the b-day of the enlightened one), Hanasaku Punipuni, instead of Hanasaku Manimani! Let us enlighten ourselves with punipuni. Om puni padme hum! armpit

Oh yes, not just ninoude, but waki-no-shita (armpit) too! Fetishism is going amok in this anime!

armpit1Thus, Kuroha’s upper arms, punipunipunipunipunipuni!

Author: Monsieur LaMoe

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3 thoughts on “Punipuni upper arms, heavenly skinship ever!

  1. Soft but strong…if only real physics worked like that. 🙂

    Brynhildr has I think the season’s strongest premise, but episode 2 seems a bit more ordinary than I would have liked. I hope it doesn’t waste the ideas. From the creator of Elfen Lied I’m hoping at least for some intensity, though not the gore. I don’t need to see sliced up lolis at this stage in my life!

    1. I think more than 14% body fat will work.

      Haha, yes, Elfen Lied was horrible, it was completely blasphemous to kill loli, you just don’t lay finger on loli, as our otaku consensus goes.

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