Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA ILLYA, moe pigs euphoria!


Euraka!!! Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA ILLYA, the cuteness is overwhelmingly moe. That’s what I’ve been waiting for. Moe pigs euphoria!

First of all, I was very disdainful of this spin-off magical girl show, I was like, “Are they kidding?” so I didn’t check out for a while. Usually a spin off is horrible except for Railgun. I liked the original story Fate/Stay Night better. I didn’t like another spin off, a Shirou’s father generation story, Fate/Zero, written by Urobuchi Gen, who has a megalomaniac agenda to destroy moe, evident in Psychopass. And this recent Attack On Titan, the cruelty anime ever since Hokuto No Ken, is leading the international sensation and now I fear that all studios won’t produce moe anymore. What if all studios stop making moe anime at once? This AX2013 was the unmovable proof that non-moe gruesome anime with a beautifugly female lead will be a huge dollar box. The capitalist market of USA is in fact the biggest market on earth, so I fear all studios will stop moe production and go for cruel anime, totally forget about us the perorist dungeons of N.H.K. (NAFTA Hikikomori Kyoukai).


But alas, this Prisma Illya, ah, she is really cute. So cute!!! Kyawaii~! The first episode, when Illya runs to Shirou at school, “Onii-chan~♥ Let’s go home together.” I was like,”OH MY GOSH!” My head explodes! The same thing happened to me when watching Amagami, Nakata Sae calls Tachibana “onii-chan.” I was screaming, “Yabee!! (Jesus Christ!)” And that scene from Clannad, when Tomoya makes Mei call him “onii-chan.” Yes, this embarrassing emotion, this ticklish thrill moving up my vertebrate till the top of my brain, and from there the moe beam shoots up and breaks the stratosphere and reaches the celestial world.

Running with randsel, oh just Maji-tenshi (real angel)!

Ah, Illya is just cute, how I wish I had a little sister like her. How awesome my life would have been! Even a cute daughter like her would be also great. But I can’t make a daughter by myself since I’m a dude unless I’m like Junior. I got no wife, but suppose if I ever get married, and what if my waifu is impregnated with a son instead of a daughter? What am I going to do? I really fear that. I only want to have a daughter. I don’t want any son at all, over my dead body. Though the current technology already has the ability to choose the sex of your child, only millionaires can afford that. For proletarians like me, unaffordable. So, it’s purely luck. If I can’t get married, then I need to get a surrogate mother, but only millionaires can afford that also, but even that, there would still be potential legal issues, so not ideal. That’s why my only choice is 2D to enjoy spending time with a daughter like Illya. Of course, Illya as my sister would be the most awesome, because with daughters, you have to raise. Sisters, you just need to look after, don’t need to raise. They grow up by their own. How unfortunate to grow up with no female sibling. But, it’s not your parent’s fault, maybe they tried to make daughters but ended up with sons only. Too bad I don’t have any sisters, especially the younger one, yes, imouto! Oh yes, Imouto! Yes, yes, yes! Even the eternal loner like me, Tora-san had an imouto. Yes, Sakura-chan. I so envy him!

Bathing vapor

Yes, bathing scene, so typical, since the age of Doraemon, this is an anime tradition since Fujiko Fujio. Yes, and what’s good about is that the steam or vapor hides genitals, so it’s very convenient to self-censor. That’s where Ilya makes a contract with Kyuubei, excuse me, I mean the talking magic wand. “Master identification by blood, a pact formed by skinship, and a maiden’s love power.” Yes, skinship, and love power! Lover Power sang by Aice 5, the group Hocchan was in it.


The way Illya runs, the way she sits, they way she gestures as a magica. Everything about her is cute. And she is in the 5th grade, so shougobyou (小五病 “5th grader disorder”) instead of chuunibyou (中二病 “8th grader disorder”). And the way she blushes when she receives a potential love letter in a shoe locker, kawaii~!

Receiving a love letter makes her blush...
Receiving a love letter makes her blush…very otometique!

Oh yes, the ED is so cute. Yes, moetic ED! Moe song! The embodiment of Illya’s cuteness.

Illya on Bullet Bills
Illya on Bullet Bills

I’m so happy that TYPE-MOON is coming back for the right direction. Urobuchi made a TYPE-MOON work extremely dark, but this Illya spin-off, it’s just awesome. Potentially can be the greatest anime of the all Fate series. Their success will be a proof that moe will last forever. Perorism will spread throughout the world. Illya is the moekko we all moe pigs can drown for by going,

Illya-tan, peroperoperopero!

Moe pigs, "Buhiiiii (oink)!" over Illya, got to turn off the comment.
Moe pigs, “Buhiiiii (oink)!” over Illya for the entire episode, got to turn off the comment.

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