The World God Only Knows Keima

Yes. It’s finally been confirmed. There is a god. All you gamin’ muthafucka just watch Keima, and you understand….

Or at least watch him work on bishojo and dating sim games and realize how much of a god he really is! Good night, 8 game consoles at once? Then he uses the God-Mode???

“Ride of the Valkeries” started playing in my head when I watched the man go to work. He is like the Michael Jordan of dating sim games. I mean, yes, it’s not difficult to play a dating sim game. Most of the time, you just click “forward” and the story goes on. But working 6 games at once, fighting through Touhou bullet rain (haha), dealing with all the digital girls at once, and then he manages to win them all. Pure holiness.

The “crescendo” came when he finally ran out of holiness energy and was about to turn to ashes (pure classic) when the digital ladies beaconed him into paradise. Now there is one thing that really bothered me about that scene…

Was it me or was it really, really sad? Or maybe not, maybe it was pure happiness but I was just…not getting it?

Anyway. I shouldn’t be writing. But I just wanna say that I really loved, loved that episode. After all,

There is a god, and his name is Keima.

2 thoughts on “The World God Only Knows Keima

  1. Crescendo part reminds me of the last scene of Dog of Flanders. Or probably the last scene of Brazil. He’s become a haijin. Wasted guy, or ash ready to be thrown into the Ganges. Anyway, Keima is God of his own 2-D world. God of conquest. Thus, otakus are God in 2-D!

  2. I think it was much more melancholy than sad.

    His true happiness is both unachievable and strange. yet he lives it out as best he can.

    I For one much preferred the Manga than the anime, but this was easily the best episode of the who season Imo and has given me higher hopes for the next one.

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