Aku No Hana: Ep 11, phallic inferno


This scene is in Fukuoka, Japan. Because that building is from Shime town of Fukuoka. Shime-kougyousho-tatekou-yagura (志免鉱業所竪坑櫓). This is a winding tower for mining built during WWII, that was used to produce coals. And now, it is a Important Cutlrual Properties of Japan. See for yourself.

This is clearly a phallic symbol. A Japanese word “muramura” means “burning,” so it means “angry, horny, arousing.” Yes, horniness is burning. Heating. Shime winding tower is indeed very phallic. Yes, this is Kasuga’s obelisk. Yes, obelisk is surely phallic, it’s proven in Itty Bitty Titty Committee.

But, this walking scene is just too long. It’s so slow paced. Looks like Dante’s inferno. That’s heavily emotional, and bad for your heart. Why so many flowers have eyes? That looks creepy. And this scene reminds me of B-29 carpet bombing. Yes, Grave of The Fireflies. But I totally understand this scene.

Yes, during adolescence (or adolescence forever for Chuunibyou patients), all you can think about is girl. You see a cute girl walking, swaying her hip and passing you, sweet smell of perfume or shampoo from her hair, and you instantly get this phallic reaction going on in a second. Then, the perspective turns red like this walking scene. Yes, like Terminator, everything you see becomes reddish. Your face turns red, blushing, and start to breathe heavy, lack of oxygen and you almost pass out. Yes, your whole body reddens. That strong will, or thirst to connect with the things-in-themselves. Saeki’s gym clothes with the handwritten name tag that was touching her things-in-themselves. And a buruma that was touching her dinner party. Every object or property that is related to her becomes relevant, desirable, valuable, and irresistible. Even her hairpin. Both tangible and intangible, and the music she likes which is intangible. “What kind of music do you like?” Then, you share an earbud with her iPod. Yes, indirect skinship or fetishism, you feel pleasure from the earbud, and also the connection through music. At the same time, you are being phallic while sharing iPod with her. So, you can’t be standing, but sitting on a chair in order to hide you’re being phallic. Or you got to bend your back and walk with a cane like an old man. Then you go home, and once again you listen to her favorite songs and get phallic, thinking about her things-in-themselves. And you’re having skinship with yourself. Yes, Shime winding tower all the time. Your tower is surely winding! The long and winding goad~♪

Anyway, this scene is just phallically emotional. But just stealing a buruma will lead to this psychological thriller? It’s crazy. Come on, he just stole a buruma. He didn’t rob a bank or kill anybody. He’s not a domestic terrorist either. He’s just a horny confused middle schooler. Just a little phallic misbehavior. Yes, like 400 Blows, the boy passes porn during a class and gets scolded by the teacher. But that ruins everything. Kasuga’s phallic desire finally gets exploded and vandalized his classroom. Water-balloon got too much water and exploded. It was a potlatch. That recent Middle East revolution, people have been too repressed by dictatorship and fundamentalist religious values, that’s why they exploded. It caused Qadafi’s death. If only Kasuga was true to himself, true to his phallic desire. That becomes real Mr. Phallic (spoof of Mr. Maric). Saeki is welcoming Kasuga’s phallic desire, what’s more awesome than that! We otakus are true to our desire, so we go to moe, because no girl has been like Saeki to us!

Chii-chan’s things-in-themselves.

Yes, the desire to connect with the things-in-themselves is phallic, and Yuigahama’s things-in-themselves or Chii-chan’s that I seek. Surely, these girls instantly teleport myself to Fukuoka!

Yugahama's things-in-themselves.
Yugahama’s things-in-themselves.

So, let’s go to Shime, Fukuoka! Pilgrimage to Linga in Fukuoka!

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5 thoughts on “Aku No Hana: Ep 11, phallic inferno

  1. I don’t know man, I can understand the phallic symbolism in the dream scene but I don’t think all of his actions are, as you said, a result of this buildup of phallic energy. I think it goes beyond just that; no doubt it plays a part but it certainly isn’t everything!

    1. @Valence

      I see. So, partly phallic. To me, everything was essentially phallic. Since the 2nd episode, the episode Kasuga steals Saeki’s buruma and smells it, what’s more phallic than that? As if he’s a descendant of Kasuga Kyosuke from Kimagure Orange Road.

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