Chihayafuru 2 Episode 24: When I Must Hide These Feelings


So Arata won because the Queen was sick? Here I was thinking the match is akin to the US Open in 2009 when Del Potro defeated the five time defending champion Federer who has never lost to the Argentine previously. I guess this means there must be a rematch in the future so I will take it.

With the conclusion of the tournament, I wonder what the last episode will be about. Hoping for a reunion among the three protagonists when they finally get a reprieve to catch up followed by a cliffhanger to ensure a third season!

I decided to look up the poem Kana-chan is referring to which led me to this fantastic Chihayafuru/poetry blog. It’s a keeper. Anyways, love. The one word that conjures more words than any other and in this case, pain, which I am all too familiar with.

The last time I fell in love and acted upon it resulted in a disaster of polemic proportions. I am still suffering consequences directly from it today and will likely for my lifetime. Indirectly, it’s made me far more cautious to love again. I am ridiculously tsuntsundere so it’s not obvious that loving is to me as karuta is to Chihaya. Imposing restrictions on love has certainly made me feel as if I am immolating soothed only by my tears as I cry myself to sleep.

That said, love.

While I refrain from the verb in my 3D existence, I will make up for it in 2D. (I was going to use this song for my review of episode eleven of Aku no Hana as a potential love letter Kasuga could write to Nakamura-san but given my last attempt was not well received, I decided to shelve it except now I will apply it to Chihaya, just don’t tell her what I just said mmmkthxbye.)

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  1. That blog was cool. So well researched for English readers. It’s cool, yup, that song is also can be poem that can be memorized hundreds years later. And still it resonates people’s heart today.
    I’m glad that Chihaya made it to Arata/Queen match.

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