A Certain Magical Index II 03 – continuing the mental toughness

Damn, why is this show so good? I finished season one and I was blown away. Season two isn’t letting up. I’m still blown away most of the time!

Yes, Touma has a magical hand (heh heh heh heh you said magical hand) that can cancel all magical powers, but think about it: how big is his hand, really? I mean, what happens when the opponent attacks with a sword? A gun? How about something that you can’t just simply block with a hand? How about when the opponent attacks with his mind power???

No problem mate. Touma is tough in the mind. That’s where he’s the strongest. That’s right, he’s got a tough mind. Forget powerful magic, forget esper powers, forget all that.

When it comes down to it, his mind is what wins the day.

Man oh man…I never realized that a Certain Magical Index is so good! I watched the first episode of the first season a few years back and I thought it was rather stereotypical – magical girlfriend lands from the sky. Yay, the same.

But after giving the first season a try, I was hooked. Now the second season is just as intense.

Hey, did you suspect that Christian nuns are really just self-righteous assholes? I did. So be it,

My goodness, you haven’t watched this show? What the fuck are you waiting for???

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    1. @Jeffrey
      You know, me, too. I watched Railgun first, and then started reading its manga, and then decided to give Index a try again.

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