Attack On Maid, moe-Xplosion, Maid-phillya!


Fate/kakeid liner PRISMA ILLYA, ep 7, Illya turns into a sexual predator. That was really unexpected. I was very astonished. She got cold so she calls in sick, stays home and just stays in bed. But she got really bored, so she calls her friend Miyu with a camera phone (i.e. Skype), and she finds out that Miyu is dressed in a maid outfit, then suddenly Illya goes crazy, “Come to my house with that outfit on!”

This youjo is too cute. So many lolicons, I mean closet lolicons just come out on this episode, so many comments, “I didn’t know I was a lolicon. Who cares that I admit I’m a lolicon, so be it.” Yeah, this anime is a pig farm, a lot of moe pigs produced. Buhii!! And peroperoperopero, a lot of perorists.

Why eroge face? Sick girl gets horny?
Onen-ne time (sleep well time)

Ahh, I wish I could have a cute imouto like Illya, if she’s sick, I will be at her side and take care of her a whole day.

I thought Illya was a moe girl, a very cute loli, elementary school girl who calls you “onii-chan,” but she’s just gone wild in this episode. I didn’t know she was a hentai. She is even more perverted than most of us moe pigs, or shinshi (gentlemen). yes, hentai shinshi (変態紳士 “pervert gentleman”). But she is a heitai-shukujo (変態淑女 pervert-lady). Or, hentai-youjo (変態幼女 “pervert elementary girl”).

jumponmaidphilia   maid 

After her house keeper leaves and only Miyu and Illya are left in the room, Illya attacks Miyu. She can’t contain her impulsiveness.

Illya attacks Miyu.


Illya apologizes to Miyu for sexually assaulting her. Yes, by dogeza style.

Illya does dogeza to Miyu.


But after apology, she just takes off her clothes and jumps on Miyu and pushes her down on bed. “Maid is supposed to wipe the sweat off of a sick person.” Yes, her head is sick rather than her body. Then, her classmates visit her house to see if Illya is okay. But whey they open the door of Illya’s room, instead they find out that currently Illya is in the middle of assaulting Miyu.

Societal death that Illya faces.

Man, we go to maid cafe, but we don’t get this impulsive just by looking at maids. We are very soushokukei (herbivore), so even having skinship with a maid takes a lot of guts. Is a homunculus’s child hornier than human beings are? Her libido is already strong from childhood, while most of us get sex drive during adolescence. Yes, girls grow up faster than boys, so I guess same goes with libido.

I think she will be very attractive and beautiful when she grows up. Yes, she is a half Japanese and half German, and a half always get the best out of two parents, just like Mikasa from Attack On Titan. And her libido is extremely powerful. And so is Mikasa’s. Is a mixed racial people’s libido stronger than a homogeneous person like me? Probably magical girls’ libido is abnormally stronger than normal girls. Maybe that’s why they are selected as magical girls. I know witch worshipers or wiccans emphasize on libido. Yes, otome’s love power is a prerequisite to be a magica. This episode is a solid proof that Illya is qualified as a magical girl. So, if you think you are hornier than ordinary girls, Kyuubei will contact you shortly! I just hope more girls have stronger libido. So, some of them will push me down like Mikasa does to Eren. Do-M‘s fantasy…

Mikasa pushes Eren down.


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