Ringtone made with OP from Gundam 00

Remember, all ring tones are examples of samplers. If you really like them and want the whole song and/or want to support the artist, try buying them somewhere first. It’s up to you. Anyway, this week we offer two versions, vocal and non-vocal, from the OP of Gundam Balls…I mean 00. XD



3 thoughts on “Ringtone made with OP from Gundam 00

  1. where is the BACK HORN LOVE

    *the band that plays the end theme*

    although to be honest, as a slightly snobby japanese indie fan, I was extremely surprised that such a band contributed a ending theme

    although that band in particular is getting alot of mainstream popularity, so that may explain it… it doesn’t help that their stuff is sounding like a lite-version of their previous self though

    sorry for the randomness : d

    its just that I’m starting to notice bands that I was into for the longest time getting the anime theme treatment…

  2. That’s interesting. I have no knowledge about J-bands at all. Thanks for contributing. Hey, if I find the ED theme song I’ll make a ring tone out of that.

  3. thanks man

    that konata muuum ringtone is badass, so is that zetsubou one
    unfortunately my motorola is being cheap and won’t let me put any ringtones in it : /


    if you liked what you heard from the ED, alot of their stuff should be available on torrent, tokyotosho.com has a couple, I recommend the Ningen Program album
    soulseek is a great experimental p2p client too… but for the music aficionados

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