Ringtone from Mikuru’s song.


Let us say it together Mi…mi…mi…Mikuru beeeeaamu!

9 thoughts on “Ringtone from Mikuru’s song.

  1. All that did was bring me to a page with a quicktime thing.  Obviously I wouldn’t have asked if that method worked.

  2. @irregularzero: Ah! Yeah, the Quicktime player appears when Quicktime or iTunes is your default player for audio on your system. Ray is right, just right click on the “Download” and do whatever command your browser uses to save what’s in the link. I apologize for being a little snippy. I just remembered that the same behavior happens when I click on the link too, since iTunes is my default audio program (I use a Mac).

  3. nice one…

    i remember the episode on lucky star episode 16
    konata izumi her ringtone is this song and also she is addicted on the melancholy of suzumiya haruhi… she even cosplay it and dance hare hare yukai….

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