Hirano Aya’s latest event at Akiba

From Anime/manga news at eNet (China)

Hirano Aya will be in the “LOVE★GUN Live!! Spokesperson event presented by RADIO animation MIX”, sponsored by Dwango on 10/20 in Akiba, Tokyo…

…It’s free and no preregistration is required…

Date and time: 18:10 (6:10 PM) on October 20th, 2007

Place 2F UDX Building in AKIBA SQUARE, Akihabara, Tokoy

Performance by Hirano Aya, and 鹫崎健氏(MC)

[Editor’s note: all of above translated from Chinese and I can’t translate the MC’s name because I don’t know the romanji for it.]

Ray’s take: if you will be there at that time, lucky you. I recommend staking out the day before and try to hang around until the event starts. Anybody asks questions speak very fast in English and they’ll go away soon enough. Just don’t make a scene and show them that foreign Otaku have even more manners than their home grown variety!

2 thoughts on “Hirano Aya’s latest event at Akiba

  1. As far as I can tell, the name is pronounced Washizaki Kenshi, though that may vary depending on kun/on reading. The character for “washi” is really, really rare apparently in that form, usually given as 鷲 if I’m not horribly mistaken.

  2. Good call. I wanted to put down “Washizaki Kenji”, but somehow that didn’t sound right. I actually learned the pronunciation for that after watching Black Lagoon (Washimine Gumi). I think that’s the simplified Chinese character – I translated that from a Chinese site. Japanese actually have many characters similar to the old fashion/Taiwanese way of writing Chinese characters.

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