Golden Time: DOMA (Destroy of Marriage Act)


Ahh, just watched 18th ep of Golden Time and there is a cute mob character. 

It’s high school reunion, but the main character Tada Banri doesn’t remember anything due to the head injury from the accident. Amnesia, yes, like that girl from an Otome game, AMNESIA, which I have is V. Edition, and it was pretty fun learning what otome (maidens) want. Yes, the main character Banri doesn’t remember his pre-accident life, so at school reunion, he can’t recognize anyone from his high school years.

An-zan-gata (safe delivery shape)
An-zan-gata (safe delivery shape)

But there was a girl whose name is Meiko, looks like a junior high school girl, but she is actually a 20 years old. Yes, a mob character (extra), but very cute. Otaku at once commented “Ohhh, Meiko is kawaii. I want to make her Ore-no-yome (my waifu).” Yes, reunion members was playing a dodge ball, but she was doing a referee blowing whistle. But when changed the angle, we figured that her hip was also An-zan-gata (安産型) or “shape of safe delivery.” Yes, she got a fine pelvis, great for fertility and needless to say, easy delivery. And that is highly valued in Latin cultures, while North American culture focuses more on oppai. But to see that loli face with well developed pelvis, especially among Japanese girls, our eyes were instantly fixated on her hip. Yes, her face is immature like loli, height is short too, but pelvis, OMG, her reproductive sanctity is more than mature, fully ripened and fruitful! So yes indeed, we were very attracted to Meiko. But later, after the dodge ball, she told Banri that she is pregnant. And she said, “My baby’s father is…” Then, Banri goes, “me?” Then, Linda, his “ex-girlfriend”, gave him a fist on his head. Yes, the father is some DQN from reunion . I was shocked. First, I was shocked to learn that she is pregnant, and second, she is already married. Yes, hito-zuma (someone else’s wife). Immediately, lamentation comments filled the screen. And then lamentation turned into anger, screaming, “Explode, riajuu! Explode!” I also screamed at LCD, “Damn you, DQN! Die, die, die!”

"I have baby in my tummy." = I'm pregnant.
“I have baby in my tummy.” = I’m pregnant.

That’s what I fear the most of school reunion, what if the girls I had a crush on got married and having kids, I would die from heart attack. That’s why I had never been able to make it to any school reunion, fearing that the girls I loved were all NTRed… They had to be eternal in me, forever 17…

Meiko happily tells Banri that she is married and pregnant.
Meiko happily tells Banri that she is married and pregnant.

Yes, defense of heterosexual marriage is utterly uttered by some folks, so they are destroying gay marriage, thus destroying marriage. Yes, “marriage destroyers” we should call them. But they are destroying only gay marriage. Not all marriages. So they aren’t going far enough. I want to destroy any type of marriage. Not only gay but also straight! The word “marriage” shouldn’t be appearing in any law book of this land of free, as Simone Beauvoir puts it, marriage is enchainment, so free from marriage is essential to freedom. So, why not abolish marriages all together? Yes, initially I was very pissed at that DQN who NTRed Meiko from us, and she even got pregnant…that just crushed me. Marriage = automatically game-over. Even a staunch anarchist is powerless before the institution of marriage. So, my anger itself turns at marriage itself rather than at DQN. Yes, “resentiment” in Nietzsche’s word. Just stopping DQNs from defiling our kawaii moekko won’t fix the problem. So, I realized we got to fix the problem from the root; unless we abolish marriage, otaku will have to go through this bitterness over and over again. So, anarchism is the answer to save otakus from losing our moekkos to heinous DQNs, institution of marriage should be abolished and let us bring anarchy into romantic relationships. We seek otaku anarchism, and antigamism or anagamism (ana “against” + gamy “marriage” doctrine) is our shining path! I declare to be an anagamist!

So all the anagamists of the world, unite!

P.S. But, when I play Amagami, I’m happy to become amagamist instead of anagamist or marriage abolitionist. Amagamy. (Ama “love” + gamy “marriage”). So, it’s schadenfreude, while others happy, anagamist, but if I’m happy, progamist. But this time, I’m totally anagamist, so let’s abolish marriage!

Author: Monsieur LaMoe

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