You know you watch too much anime when… (part 5)

You’ve got mail!

You’ve got mail!

The headline on this CNN story and the story itself makes you think of Shigofumi. In fact, my guess is that the creators of the show were inspired by news stories like this.

You can read the letter here. It’s not exactly from the beyond the grave, though…but now it’s being used as evidence. And I wonder (Shigofumi 1 spoiler here): [spoiler] if Ayase will be brought to justice in the same way…[/spoiler]

4 thoughts on “You know you watch too much anime when… (part 5)

  1. I hope she’s NEVER brought to justice. I love psychotic characters especially when they get away with their crimes. I’m going to root for her for the rest of the show. Thanks for introducing the show, Michael.

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